Social Video Mobile Apps are the future and here’s why

New mobile apps come out every day, some make it big, and some just trickle along. Apps like Instagram, Vine, Glide, Snapchat and others have made it big in the video and photo spaces. No wonder everyone is making social video mobile apps nowadays and raising lots of money doing so.

I feel like I may have been ahead of the pack considering I started building a social video mobile app back in January 2013 before Vine came out. So I feel privileged knowing that I am part of this amazing space. I actually had the idea for my app 10 years ago, before smart phones came to the scene. I’m definitely an early adopter as most people in my close circle know.

The question is, why are these apps so popular now? I feel as if it is mostly because people are getting tired of the static pictures and text. Video is more real time and gives you more personality. You can get a lot of information from a 6 to 30 second video rather than a static picture that only gives you one image.

We have only just tapped into this video space, it is going to grow exponentially in the coming years. I will predict that within a few years everything will incorporate video. With hundreds of million of users across all sorts of apps, it’s no secret. Picture sharing will never fade out because pictures are very important because they let people capture moments, make albums and share them with friends. But video is here to stay and as YouTube and Twitch has shown us, it is a very powerful medium.

Where do you think social video mobile apps will take us in the coming years? Tell me about what apps you use, and which ones you like the most, by leaving me a comment!



Jason Sherman

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