Zero to CEO: How being a multidimensional leader is a strength and not a weakness with Britt Gottschalk

In this episode of Zero to CEO I dive into an enlightening conversation with Britt Gottschalk, an Acceptor of Challenges and a testament to the power of multidimensional leadership. From civil service to biotechnology, Britt’s journey through diverse industries has armed her with unparalleled skills and insights, culminating in her role as the founder and CEO of Geno.Me. In this episode, Britt opens up about her unconventional path, highlighting how her varied experiences have shaped her into a formidable leader capable of delivering innovative solutions. We’ll explore the importance of defying stereotypes, the role of resilience, curiosity, and community in building confidence, and how creating harmony and structured processes can drive success. Britt also shares her perspective on using fear as a catalyst for growth and the significance of staying true to oneself. Whether you’re navigating the early stages of your career or steering a company towards new horizons, Britt’s story is a masterclass in leveraging multidimensionality as a strength in leadership.

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Jason Sherman