Zero to CEO: How to scale a business while staying small with David Feldman

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to creative agency founder and entrepreneur, David Feldman. David’s first book, “Small By Design: The Entrepreneur’s Guide for Growing Big While Staying Small,” has been named a bestseller by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He will share valuable insights and advice on how to […]

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10 steps to being successful and taking control of your life

So another year has passed, and you didn’t quit smoking cigarettes, didn’t lose those extra 30 lbs., didn’t find a new job, didn’t start that new business you’ve been dreaming about, and the list goes on. Well hopefully this will motivate you to change your life even by 10%. You CAN do these things and […]

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Why investors should invest in entrepreneurs more than companies

If you read tech blogs and news sites like TechCrunch, Mashable, CNet, and the like, you most likely see new startups getting funded every day. Some of the ideas are great, some are….well, pointless. You wonder why the amazing idea that you built, whether it be a website, a mobile app, or product isn’t getting the funding […]

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Why Running a Tech Startup is one of the Most Challenging Jobs Out There

As most of you know, I am currently running my fifth tech startup and just launched the beta site last month. To most people, my job seems glorious, fun, exciting, and full of perks. But the truth is, running my tech startup is the most difficult, challenging, and stressful job I’ve ever had, and here’s […]

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Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Self Driving Cars, Drones and How They Will Affect Us

The more I read about the Oculus Rift or other virtual reality (VR) goggles, 3-D printers and what they are creating, self-driving cars from Google, Tesla, or Apple, and how drones are really taking over our skies, I start to wonder where is our society headed? We already revolve our lives around technology, whether social […]

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This Philadelphia school replaced textbooks with iPads

Teachers at Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School create custom learning materials with iPad, iTunes U, and iBooks Author. As the city’s largest tuition-free K–12 charter school, they implement STEAM curriculum that emphasizes academic and artistic excellence equally. And with Apple technology at the core of teaching and learning, their teachers design their own curriculum, […]

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