Zero to CEO: How every home will become a stock with Es Lee

  In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Web3 entrepreneur Es Lee about how every home will become a stock. Property is becoming an asset that can be shared and easily invested in, from the rise of Airbnb to the growth of fractional real estate investment platforms. We explore ways that web3 […]

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Zero to CEO: How Your Brain Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth with Patrick Geddes

In this episode of Zero to CEO, I speak to successful author Patrick Geddes about How Your Brain Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth. We’ll be providing insights on how to be a smart consumer first as an investor, when we’re wired to crave hot tips the way we crave sugar, with both being bad […]

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Zero to CEO: How to make smarter financial decisions with Alex Cabot & Ed Lambert

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to best-selling finance authors Alex Cabot & Ed Lambert about how to make smarter financial decisions. We discuss how to create the right mindset to achieve financial freedom. How to avoid common financial pitfalls like adopting a groupthink approach or investing with emotion as well as […]

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Zero to CEO: Fundamentals of Building a Web3 SaaS Business with James Bayly

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Web3 Infrastructure Builder James Bayly of about the fundamentals of building a Web3 SaaS business. We delve into the topics of building a sustainable business in blockchain, and how driving community growth is critical to your success. We discuss the difference between token versus […]

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Zero to CEO: How to Wisely Invest in your future with Anthony Milewski

In this episode of Zero to CEO I talk to Anthony Milewski who is an investing veteran and Chairman of Nickel 28 — a battery metals focused investment company with a focus on metal streaming and royalty agreements. Anthony has been active in the battery metals industry including investing in cobalt and actively trading physical cobalt. Previously, […]

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Zero to CEO: How it’s not if but when you will exit your business with Ahmie Baum

In this episode I speak with Ahmie Baum, who is the founder and CEO of Interchange Capital Partners — a family business that has honed a comprehensive and collaborative process over its 40 years of practice in financial services and is dedicated to helping clients and their families build financial safety nets. He has been named to […]

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Zero to CEO: How change marketing can transform your business with Neil Bedwell

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Co-Founder of Local, Neil Bedwell. We will explore what change marketing means, how it works, and mostly what it can do for your business. Misery and unhappiness at work is costly, and Neil will help you learn more about using change marketing to help your company […]

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How to expand your wealth through mobile home investing with Charlotte Dunford

In this episode I talk to Charlotte Dunford, who is the Managing Partner of Johns Creek Capital — an investment managing company that focuses on mobile home park investments, with a total investor subscription amount over $4.2M. Numbers wise, they currently have 20 park investments, and Charlotte herself has also created over $500k in asset value in […]

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Zero to CEO: How to leverage Web3 to help creatives financially with Rik Lomas

Our world is changing, and leading companies have been forced to adjust their systems due to two defining factors — health concerns and the innovations in Web3. Rik Lomas is a master at decentralizing education and creative collaboration, and he’s spent his career trying to find unorthodox ways to help creatives get ahead in their careers. Through […]

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How to run two businesses at the same time with Tristan Pelloux

In this episode I talk to Fintech expert Tristan Pelloux about how you can multitask between two businesses successfully. He ran a fintech blog while running a consulting company and found himself juggling various things. We discuss how being an entrepreneur usually involves running a startup while working on contracts as a consultant. Tristan talks […]

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Zero to CEO: 5 ways you are strangling your profits with Christine Nicholson

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Award-winning Professional Business Mentor author and speaker Christine Nicholson of BusinessMentorUK. We discuss actionable tips entrepreneurs can use to increase the profits and value of their business while working fewer hours and with less stress and anxiety. We also focus on the 5 things you […]

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