Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Self Driving Cars, Drones and How They Will Affect Us

The more I read about the Oculus Rift or other virtual reality (VR) goggles, 3-D printers and what they are creating, self-driving cars from Google, Tesla, or Apple, and how drones are really taking over our skies, I start to wonder where is our society headed? We already revolve our lives around technology, whether social […]

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Deliveries by Drone: What will it be like?

As most of you know, Amazon is getting closer to delivering your packages via drone.  I’m sure everyone is wondering what it will actually be like.  Will you have to stand outside when the drone arrives?  Will the drone know that your dog is in the yard…and avoid it?  How quickly will the drone deliver your […]

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This Drexel University Student Wants to Teach Others How to Build Drones

Multirotor Drones are a fairly new technology, but are on the brink of exploding with the first Drone Championships recently taking place in California. Getting ahead of the curve is still possible, but striking fast is essential to getting ahead of the competition. I recently spoke to the VP of Drone Development at – […]

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