Zero to CEO: How to scale a business while staying small with David Feldman

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to creative agency founder and entrepreneur, David Feldman. David’s first book, “Small By Design: The Entrepreneur’s Guide for Growing Big While Staying Small,” has been named a bestseller by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He will share valuable insights and advice on how to […]

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Zero to CEO: The Journey to the American Dream with R.T. Custer

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to multi-passionate entrepreneur R.T. Custer about the journey to the American dream. R.T. built his American-made watch company from the ground up with his partner, Tyler, and he learned a lot while starting Vortic Watches. We discuss some of those lessons, as well as how he […]

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Learn how to sell your expertise to clients with Chris Williams

In this episode I speak to high-ticket mastermind launch advisor Chris Williams from Group Coach Nation about how to sell your expertise to clients. Chris talks about how most people don’t want to go through the pain of starting something new and making mistakes, which is why they would pay you to do it right […]

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