Zero to CEO: How to remove yourself from the operations of your business with Gabriel Galvez

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Entrepreneur and M&A expert Gabriel Galvez about how to remove yourself from the operations of your business. We discuss how Gabriel went from a startup entrepreneurship background into private equity markets. Gabriel runs CAPTARGET, which provides deal origination to private equity groups, corporate buyers, and sell-side […]

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Zero to CEO: How to build trust with customers with Nik Mijic

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak with Founder and CEO of Matik, Nik Mijic about how to build trust with customers. Building trust with customers is critical especially when the current economic climate makes it even more challenging to retain customers. Hear how you can tackle this problem by leveraging data to […]

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Zero to CEO: From dropout to multi-million dollar business with Holly Daniels Christensen

In this episode of Zero to CEO, I speak to Founder & CEO of Dune Jewelry, Holly Daniels Christensen about how she went from a dropout to a multi-million dollar business. Do you dream about starting a business but you don’t have a college degree or specific training? Don’t dream, do it! The founder of […]

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How to give your business a facelift with videos with Edgar Sierra

In this episode I speak to successful business owner Edgar Sierra about being creative and turning a concept into a business. We talk about how he bootstrapped his thriving video production studio and entrepreneurship shop. Edgar discusses the rule of doing versus learning, especially with photography. Finding something you love and having fun is the […]

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