10 steps to being successful and taking control of your life

So another year has passed, and you didn’t quit smoking cigarettes, didn’t lose those extra 30 lbs., didn’t find a new job, didn’t start that new business you’ve been dreaming about, and the list goes on. Well hopefully this will motivate you to change your life even by 10%. You CAN do these things and more if you follow these 10 simple steps:

Step 1: Write down a priority (goal) list with dates (deadlines) outlined. This means that you should spend at least an hour really focusing on what you want out of life, writing it down, and then putting it into a cohesive list of goals that you will try to reach by the end of next year.

Step 2: Do as much research as possible to help meet your goals. So for example if you want to quit smoking, don’t just chew nicotine gum, do some research on how to help kill the urge to smoke while leading you to cessation.

Step 3: Surround yourself with positive people who will support you. Friends and family are the obvious first choice, online groups work too, but make sure you keep yourself active and busy. If you are trying to lose 30 lbs., then going to the gym every day, and joining groups of others like you will help motivate you to shed those pounds.

Step 4: Push yourself to stick with your new routine. If you don’t feel like sticking to your priority list one day, guess what…TOO BAD! You have to stick to it every day, and force yourself to do it anyway, it’s the only way you will succeed. Of course there are exceptions such as the next step.

Step 5: Take plenty of breaks and have fun! Life can’t be all about hard work and no play. So make sure you take plenty of breaks and keep your mind stimulated by doing something that isn’t on your list. Learn the basics of a new language, or how to play the piano, watch foreign films, take your dog to a park, learn how to cook a new recipe, go out for drinks with friends, or anything else that will help you smile.

Step 6: Help someone who needs a push. You are not the only one going through this, there are millions of other people out there who need help with something in their life. Volunteer yourself to help them. You will feel better about yourself, and it will motivate you to stick to your goals.

Step 7: Limit your online life. This means Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the multitude of other social networking sites out there. I’m not saying to stop talking to your friends online (because then I’d be a hypocrite), I’m just saying limit yourself to a few minutes every few hours…unless you are using them for business like me. This way you will feel more involved in the world around you, and your energy levels will be up.

Step 8: Eat healthier and exercise regularly. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, eating healthy is a smart move if you want to feel good, and live a long, happy life. Exercising helps your blood flow and energy levels rise. Especially if you work in an office all day, you definitely need to eat well and exercise regularly. Take vegetables to work or in your car as a snack so when you get hungry, you don’t buy the first junk food you can find. Drink lots of water and stay away from soda. If you don’t want to go to the gym, buy a treadmill or elliptical (my favorite) for your home and do it for 30 minutes every day when you get home from work or before you leave. You will feel 10 times better if you do this.

Step 9: Don’t get discouraged. If you aren’t reaching your goal(s), but you are working hard towards them, don’t get depressed about it. Reach out to someone who can help you reach your goals, or better yet, who you can simply talk to. I never said this was easy, and that it would happen over night. I just said that it was possible, and that you can do anything you put your mind to.   You’ll be surprised how many people are out there trying to reach a goal, so find and meet up with them!

Step 10: Congratulate yourself and celebrate. If you reached a goal, then it’s time to have a party! You deserve it! Invite your close friends, family, and supporters to a fun get together. You reached your goal and you deserve a celebration. Enjoy the moment, because you worked hard for it!

Hopefully this list helps you reach your goals. If you think there are other steps that could be added to this list feel free to leave them as a comment below!

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Jason Sherman

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