Zero to CEO: Why Non-Food Franchise Opportunities are so Popular with Jon Ostenson

In this compelling episode of Zero to CEO, I sit down with Jon Ostenson, a leading expert in the franchise consulting space, to delve into the burgeoning popularity of non-food franchise opportunities. As business ownership and investment interest reach unprecedented levels, many aspiring entrepreneurs and investors remain unaware of the extensive array of possibilities that lie beyond the conventional food industry. Throughout our discussion, we explore why these non-food franchises are resonating so strongly with today’s market, offering listeners an in-depth look at who is investing in these opportunities, their motivations, and what exactly they’re investing in. With Jon’s expert insights, we also dissect the advantages and drawbacks of franchising compared to starting a business from scratch, the feasibility of operating franchises on a passive or semi-passive basis, and the critical financial considerations including cost, revenue, and profit potential. Moreover, we provide actionable advice on how to navigate the selection process to find the right franchise that aligns with one’s goals and aspirations, making this episode a must-listen for anyone considering a venture into the franchise world.

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Jason Sherman