Zero to CEO: Unlocking Business Growth Through Creative Writing with Blake Reichenbach

Join me on this episode of Zero to CEO where I talk with writer and entrepreneur Blake Reichenbach about the power of merging creative and business writing to elevate your business. Blake is launching his new venture, Howdy Curiosity, a dynamic platform that starts as a non-fiction bookshop but is set to evolve into much more, including book clubs, professional development, and strategic team initiatives. Throughout our conversation, we explore how belonging to a creative community can enhance your writing, the art of balancing writing with personal and professional life, and the transformative steps to becoming a successful non-fiction author. Blake also shares his insights on how the fusion of creative and business writing can significantly benefit business clients and discusses the top writing resources of 2023. This episode is a must-listen for any professional looking to break the mold and drive growth through curiosity and community.

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Jason Sherman