Zero to CEO: Revolutionizing Data Management with Ori Rafael

In this episode of Zero to CEO, I speak to Ori Rafael, the CEO and Co-Founder of Upsolver, a platform designed for lakehouse ingestion and management that helps software and data engineers deliver reliable datasets quickly, saving businesses both time and cost. Ori shares his insights on the significant technological milestones Upsolver has achieved, such as making data engineering skills optional for data lakes, optimizing S3 storage for faster queries, and scaling the platform to handle 5 million events per second. We discuss the importance of partnerships with industry giants like Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, and dbt Labs, and how Upsolver has attracted major clients like Centene Health, ConocoPhillips, and Unity Games. With nearly 20 years of experience in data integration and database management, Ori explains why the lakehouse is the next big thing in data, the challenges it faces, and the future of data storage and analysis. Tune in to learn how lakehouses are revolutionizing the way we handle data and why your business might need one.

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Jason Sherman