Zero to CEO: Unlocking Passive Income with AI-Assisted Books with Anthony Nwaneri

In a riveting episode of Zero to CEO, I delve into an enlightening conversation with Anthony Nwaneri, a successful entrepreneur and author who has mastered the art of generating multiple six-figure incomes without penning a single line. Anthony shares the transformative journey of publishing best-selling books with the aid of artificial intelligence, unraveling the steps listeners can embark on today to start earning a passive income ranging from $1–5K monthly within the next 30 days. This episode not only explores the unique business model behind AI-assisted books and their profound impact on business owners and creators but also addresses the ethical considerations and common pitfalls that lead 90% of authors to fail in making sales. Join us as we uncover how AI has revolutionized the publishing industry, making it an ideal venture for anyone looking to monetize their knowledge and creativity effectively.

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Jason Sherman