Zero to CEO: Crafting the Future of Wine in Bhutan with Michael Juergens

Join me on Zero to CEO as I chat with Michael Juergens, a super wine geek who pioneered the wine industry in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Discover why Michael chose Bhutan, not only the world’s only carbon-negative country but also on its path to becoming the first 100% organic nation, as the foundation for his groundbreaking venture. In this episode, Michael shares his ambitious vision to transform Bhutan into the next Napa Valley, details about the nation’s first-ever grape harvest set for 2024, and his mission to make wine culture accessible and enjoyable, steering clear of pretentiousness. We’ll also dive into the significant changes and emerging challenges within the global wine industry and how they’re shaping the future of winemaking. Tune in to hear a unique story of innovation, sustainability, and passion for wine.

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Jason Sherman