Future Tech: How using Artificial Intelligence reduces wasted resources with Leon Kuperman

In this episode of Future Tech, I speak to Co-founder and CTO, Leon Kuperman at Cast.ai. He is an authority on cloud computing, web application security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), e-commerce, and web application architecture. We discuss how Artificial Intelligence could make the planet greener by saving countless kilowatt hours […]

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How to get exponential growth for your brand with Dr. James Richardson

In today’s episode I talk to Dr. James Richardson on how to get exponential growth by bootstrapping your business. He explains how big brands all use a mathematical growth curve and how it seems like it happens overnight, but it actually takes years. James mentions how an initial design, the packaging, the basic branding, is […]

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100th episode: A retrospect of the last 20 years

Today I’m celebrating my 100th episode for Strap on your boots. I’ve been hosting this podcast since 2018 and my YouTube channel since 2015. A lot has happened in all these years. So I wanted to take this opportunity to do a recap of the accomplishments I’ve achieved, the goals I’ve reached, and the things […]

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How a space elevator can change humanity

In today’s episode of Future Tech, I discuss how space elevators could change humanity. It’s no secret that spaceships are expensive. A final tally of NASAs space shuttle program’s lifetime costs puts the price tag at $1.5 billion per flight. Even SpaceX has said the operational cost is about $28 million per launch. Spaceflight is […]

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How to stay calm during a crisis

In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you the things that I do to stay calm during a crisis. We’ve all been living through this pandemic for the past couple of years. And as we thought we were getting out of the current crisis, we got hit with another one. Russia invaded Ukraine, which is […]

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How to stay motivated as an indie creative with Maggie Daniels

In this episode I talk to poet, writer, director Maggie Daniels on how to stay motivated as an indie creative. Maggie explains how writing her poetry book Swimming helped through a traumatic experience. She says finding “your people” is super important and that when you are an independent artist, you’ll find out that it’s all […]

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How your online presence can boost your business

In today’s episode I talk to Morissa Schwartz from DrRissy.com about how your online presence can boost your business. When people talk about online presence, they usually mean blogs, websites, marketing through social media, podcasts, videos and other methods. Morissa tells us how defining your goals is the first step in the right direction. She […]

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