Zero to CEO: The secrets on how to grow your fortune with Elliot Kallen

In this episode of Zero to CEO, join me in an enlightening conversation with financial planning authority Elliot Kallen. We delve deep into the intricacies of wealth growth, family or business protection, estate preservation, and legacy creation for your family or charity. Elliot, the founder of Prosperity Financial Group, boasts of managing over $300M in assets and has guided thousands, including professionals, entrepreneurs, and retirees, toward financial independence. Our discussion explores the four pillars of family wealth management, offering insights into growing wealth and establishing a legacy. We consider the financial requirements for a comfortable retirement, efficient investment strategies for maximizing retirement goals with minimal risk, and ways to avoid common financial pitfalls such as groupthink tendencies and emotional investing. We also shed light on the common mistakes made in wealth accumulation and the challenges of staying on course in today’s dynamic world. Lastly, Elliot shares his thoughts on cultivating the right mindset for financial freedom and building trust with financial planners. So, join us and take a step closer to your financial goals.

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Jason Sherman