3 reasons to embrace failure

In this episode, I give you three reasons why you should embrace failure. You might see the news highlighting successful entrepreneurs or startups that raised $100 million, or they were purchased by a bigger company for $1 billion. The news glamorizes successful celebrities, musicians, authors, or just people in the entertainment industry who succeeded because […]

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What is Real in a World of Social Constructs

In today’s episode of Future Tech I ask the question, what is real. Because in this world of social constructs, everything is created by people in society. Nothing is really an objective reality, because people in society say that they mean something, or a large group of people agree and accept things the way they […]

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How to reverse engineer a sponsorship with Sheila Farragher-Gemma

In this episode I talk to Sheila Farragher-Gemma about how to reverse engineer a sponsorship. Sheila works with event owners and their teams to find and manage strategic partners and sponsors, streamline their business and improve their bottom line. She has a knack for finding untapped revenue streams and additional ways to leverage assets through […]

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Dissecting the 10,000 hour rule

Listen to the Podcast episode here: Or Watch the Video here: Here’s the transcript from this podcast episode, please excuse any typos! In this episode, I’m going to take apart or dissect the 10,000 hour rule. So this isn’t as much as a learning episode where I teach you something, although you might learn a […]

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