Zero to CEO: How remote hiring can help tech companies attract talent with Frank Licea

On this episode of Zero to CEO, Frank Licea, Co-Founder and CTO of Howdy, discusses how remote hiring can help tech companies attract and retain world-class talent while building a more diverse workplace. Howdy is a startup that helps US companies hire and manage talented software developers from Latin America. With a focus on the Latin American talent market, Howdy assists US companies in capitalizing on the influx of tech talent in the same time zone as their headquarters, saving time, international logistics and communication headaches. They offer talent sourcing, payroll, local HR benefits, equipment, and ongoing mentorship to be the outsourced people and culture team companies need to support the hybrid working needs of teams today. Frank shares insights on Howdy’s success, including raising $21M from investors who funded companies such as Twitch, Airbnb, GitLab, Coinbase, and Heroku, and recruiting 170+ senior developers in six countries for 45+ US-based companies. Additionally, Frank addresses the severe shortage of experienced software developers in the US and the growing need for technical talent at both large and small businesses. Join us for a discussion on the future of work, investment opportunities in the new world of remote work, and the bigger impact of changes happening in the workspace and recruitment industry.

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