Zero to CEO: The Future of Cryptocurrency with Eric McDonald

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to CEO and Board Chairman of CoinLion, Eric McDonald. CoinLion is a cryptocurrency auto trading platform that has executed over 530K trades worth $1B+. Eric shares his insights on why investors are turning to crypto as a safe-haven for their money in these uncertain times, and how beginners can start trading crypto profitably. We also discuss the future of cryptocurrency beyond 2023, and the challenges and opportunities for leaders in the industry. We will discuss the current state of the cryptocurrency market and why it’s attracting investors in uncertain times. How CoinLion’s auto trading platform simplifies cryptocurrency investing for beginners and experts alike. Lessons learned from the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and how to avoid similar pitfalls. The future of cryptocurrency beyond 2023 and the potential impact on the financial industry. Eric’s experience building and leading tech companies through market uncertainty and how he approaches long-term growth strategies.

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Jason Sherman