What Life Will be like once Artificial Intelligence is Here

What if artificial intelligence (AI) was finally here? I don’t mean Watson or another computer that is smarter than normal. I’m talking about a straight up android who looks and acts human, and can be your assistant, your employee, your friend, your lover, or your bodyguard. Everyone is worried that once this happens, the machines will turn on us like in Terminator, and human civilization as we know it will end.  But why can’t we talk about the other side of the fence, the good things that could come out of AI coming to fruition.

Here are some of the things I feel as though would be the most impactful and meaningful upsides to birthing AI:

  • We would finally be able to travel through time and space
  • We would be able to cure all diseases
  • We would perfect cloning and the computer transmission of one’s consciousness
  • Transportation will become teleportation
  • War and hunger will cease to exist
  • We will be able to save the planet and populate other planets quickly
  • Humans will have more time to do things that are more important instead of things like chores, pay bills, and taking care of household responsibilities

And there are so many more important things that AI can do for us, like invent new foods that will completely eliminate the need for agriculture (and the pollution it causes), find new ways to unlock the mysteries of the brain, and essentially eliminate the need for money. I believe humans will have a more important role in the universe, because even though AI is supposedly able to repair itself and create other machines, Humans are the only ones with a soul. AI will always need to learn from us, and be our friend instead of our enemy.

If we are smart, we will figure out a way to create a failsafe that can be enacted in case AI does turn on us. But let’s look at the positives, AI could truly transform our universe into something that we only get to see in science fiction movies.


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Jason Sherman

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