Future Tech: How AI-powered vending machines disrupt shopping with Aslak de Silva

Join me on this episode of Future Tech where we dive into the transformative world of AI-powered vending machines with business leader and martial artist, Aslak de Silva, CEO of Selfly Store. Discover how these intelligent devices are revolutionizing grab-and-go shopping by making consumer interactions quicker and more convenient, significantly increasing sales. We’ll explore how […]


Future Tech: Unveiling the Power of AI and Originality with Jonathan Gillham

In this episode of Future Tech, I speak with Jonathan Gillham, the Founder and CEO of Originality.AI, about the groundbreaking role of artificial intelligence in the realms of content creation and verification. Launched in November 2022, before the advent of ChatGPT, Originality.AI was driven by Jonathan’s foresight into the transformative wave of generative AI, which […]


Zero to CEO: Future-proofing humanity by confronting global risks in the digital era with Trond Arne Undheim

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Futurist, Trond Arne Undheim about future-proofing humanity by confronting global risks in the digital era. In this thought-provoking episode, renowned futurist Trond Undheim takes us on a captivating journey into the interconnected world of emerging technologies, geopolitical complexities, and ecological challenges. Delving into the pressing […]


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