Zero to CEO: Empowering underrepresented founders and entrepreneurs with Luke Diaz

In this enlightening episode of Zero to CEO, I have the pleasure of talking to Luke Diaz, a visionary entrepreneur and angel investor dedicated to empowering underrepresented founders through his initiative, DBT (Do Big Things) Ventures. Luke shares his experiences and insights into the world of angel and venture investments, focusing on how DBT Ventures supports underrepresented entrepreneurs with investments ranging from $25K to $250K. We delve into the critical role of angel and venture capital in leveling the playing field for startups led by underrepresented founders, discussing the methodologies to evaluate startups for investment, effective fundraising strategies to raise awareness, and the importance of conscious leadership in new business ventures. Additionally, Luke offers valuable advice on accelerating product adoption, driving tangible business outcomes for customers, and achieving unparalleled customer retention rates. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for any entrepreneur looking to make a meaningful impact in the startup ecosystem.

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Jason Sherman