Zero to CEO: How to modernize benefits by adopting technology and new market solutions with Gianna Ricciardi

In this episode of Zero to CEO, we talk with Gianna Ricciardi, Co-Founder and Practice Leader at Vita Assure, about modernizing employee benefits through the adoption of technology and new market solutions. We dive into the importance of group insurance and retirement plans, as well as mental health and wellness in the workplace. We explore how business owners can communicate the employer value proposition to employees and strategies for effective education. We also discuss the challenges of outdated employee benefit plans and how technology and new market solutions can be used to modernize benefits. We highlight the startling data on employee mental health and the benefits business owners can provide to ensure their employees suffering from anxiety, depression, and burnout receive appropriate care. Furthermore, we cover how foreign businesses with small teams in Canada can get competitive benefits for their employees. Lastly, we touch upon the best way for HR to educate employees on the value of their benefit programs.

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Jason Sherman