This Drexel University Student Wants to Teach Others How to Build Drones

Multirotor Drones are a fairly new technology, but are on the brink of exploding with the first Drone Championships recently taking place in California. Getting ahead of the curve is still possible, but striking fast is essential to getting ahead of the competition. I recently spoke to the VP of Drone Development at – and he is hosting an event at Philadelphia’s premier co-working space Benjamin’s Desk.

“I want to be ahead of the pack and establish Philadelphia as the leader in Drone technology.” said Stuart Collymore – VP of Drone Develompent at “Our objective is to build several drones in the office as a means to provide information to the public as well as showcase this unique technology and teach those who are interested.”

Collymore is also a current employee of Life Degree Society (an academic consulting company) and is the enthusiast that came up with this plan to bring a broad spectrum of people together to test the waters of a new, but sound field of Drone construction and use. The plan is to have a set time within this coming month of receiving funds, to have start-to-finish drone builds with full component explanation, integration, and demonstration. A wide range of copters will be built and showcased to accommodate everyone’s taste and to allow the most refined form of teaching. A proper part lists and poll would be implemented to ensure everything is available for the build engineer, and the viewers are tended to. There will be professional videographers present to capture each moment and interview the builder. “Our goal is to introduce something new to the community and bring all the talents harnessed together at once.” said Collymore.

With successful company DJI coming out of China with very solid drone products, it’s no secret that the world of drone’s is taking off…quite literally. Collymore says he will need funding to host his event and is thinking of creating a KickStarter page to raise the $1,500 he needs to build the drones for all of the people interested in learning. You can contact him here if you’re interested in sponsoring the event.



Jason Sherman

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