How Online Dating is Fueling the Economy in America

So you’ve been talking to someone on a dating site, either through email, text messages, or even on the phone, and you feel a connection. Well now it’s time to meet in person, and if you are a guy, you have to pick a place to meet, drive there, pay for gas and parking, then pay for coffee, drinks, or even dinner for your female companion. If you are a female, you are most likely going to get your hair and nails done, maybe even buy an outfit or new shoes to impress your date. If you’re a single parent you have to pay a babysitter to top things off.

After all is said and done whether you had fun on the date or not, whether you had chemistry or not, you’re still spending anywhere between $50 and $150 for your date. Multiply this by the millions of people going on dates every single day, and I think it’s safe to say that dating is fueling the economy in some shape, way or form. The question here is, why is there such a stigma with online dating when it in fact is helping the economy stay alive?

Let’s take this a step further. You’ve gone on a date or two with your companion, and things are getting a little serious, now you’re going to the movies, more restaurants, shows, buying gifts, and spending more and more money to fuel the economy. Valentine’s day anyone? Let’s not forget the fact that you might get married, have children, and have to pay for all of these things for your kids. This includes clothing, food, gifts, school supplies, and the list goes on.

If you truly think about it, down to its core, dating fuels the economy because it is the catalyst that gets people together to start families, whether it happens online or off-line, dating is the catalyst. This is why online dating is so big now a days, and why it has only started to surface in the past 10 years. It will grow exponentially in the next 10 years and become more real time, incorporating video technology most likely. Only time will tell, but those of us at the forefront ofthis technology will catch a big wave in the near future. I know I’m betting on it.

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Jason Sherman

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