Future Tech: Where virtual meetings are headed in the future

In today’s episode of Future Tech I talk to Kevin Vincent, who is the VP Global Business Development of UtopiaVR, a Virtual reality Metaverse meeting company. We discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated Zoom fatigue, where employees, families, and friends grew tired of little windows on the screen with faces getting distracted. We talk about how UtopiaVR makes meetings more interactive and engaging. One industry that will benefit from virtual spaces is retail, since you can visit a store and try on clothes, purchase them, and more. Being able to host live presentations, movie screenings, music events, trivia nights, and much more in virtual meetings is the future. According to Kevin, it’s already here! So listen in and check out UtopiaVR.com for a free account and create your own virtual environment to meet with friends, colleagues, fans, or family members!

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Jason Sherman