Future Tech: The Evolution of Drones

In this episode of Future Tech I talk about the types of ways drones can help society, whether through medical, supply chain, surveillance, and other types of uses. One day drones will deliver our packages and possibly stop bad guys in their tracks. In what ways do you think drones will help humans? Let me know in the comments!

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Here’s the transcript from this podcast episode, please excuse any typos!

In today’s episode of Future Tech, I want to talk about drones. Now, I know drones are already a part of our life so maybe it’s not so futuristic but they have been out only for a handful of years for, for people like me, for hobbyists. And even though, years ago when I was making my documentary, you have to get my FAA certification I have to say my government certification, you’re legally allowed to fly. It has changed the landscape in terms of film and video. Also a lot of other things you might have read stories of people who have been rescued by terms or other medical supplies or whatnot, patients even use the drone once years ago, to try to find a lost dog in a forest in the middle of nowhere, that an animal rescue company hired me to do so I mean that’s a great way to use a drone to find and rescue people or animals. But of course we’ve all seen movies or heard of drones that have been flying around the world to find them to destroy terrorist cells and terrorist organizations by flying areas without putting a soldier, and humans at risk.

So drones are very effective for many different things, but I want to give you guys a couple of examples of where drones might be headed in the future that we take for granted now, but we might start seeing it in the near future. Once regulations may ease up, especially when Amazon and Google in particular, once they complete the next evolution of firms in deliveries. You’ve all been making fun of or talking about or seen videos and memes online, delivering your pizza and drunk delivering your packages. But imagine you’re hosting, say, a Thanksgiving dinner at your family’s house or your house, and everyone’s sitting down to eat, or everyone’s preparing the meal or whatever it is, And a lot of stores are either closed or it’s too late to get out there because you don’t want to drive, etc, and you realize, oops, forgot to potatoes forgot cranberries, forgot this day another thing, then all of a sudden you realize, well, wait a minute, I can quickly go on this, Amazon app or whatever app is available. Order whatever I need. And within an hour, a drone can fly down to your doorstep and drop off what it is you need.

Let’s say you’re a single mom, and you have a newborn child, just a couple months old. Sweet o’clock in the morning, and your baby wakes up. Maybe he has a fever, and you don’t know what to do because it’s three o’clock in the morning, it’s too late to drive to the pharmacy or the pharmacy is too far away. You don’t have anyone to help you’re by yourself, what do you do you go on the app you order the medication or the, you know, over the counter meds you need for your child or maybe maybe you ran out of baby food and you didn’t know you forgot you’re so tired so busy, whatever it is you can order it quickly on that have it delivered to your doorstep by a drone within 30 minutes or less. And you don’t even leave your house. I mean, That’s the power of what drones could do safely, of course, in really tough situations where you’re kind of strapped for time, or if you don’t have a car, you don’t maybe you can’t get to the pharmacy or you don’t have a friend who’s going to drive to your house at three o’clock in the morning and pick you up and your baby to go to the pharmacy, you know, so these are the types of things that I think are going to start happening in the near future. Now, everyone knows, ambulances are our main source of rescuing someone who is having a heart attack or needs to get to a hospital very quickly, but with drones. Theoretically we can bring the hospital to the patient, and very quickly because you can get a drone somewhere over buildings, flying 50 plus miles per hour even faster, some of them, and you can maneuver between all sorts of different obstacles to get to that patient quickly using GPS on their phone, for example so you know exactly where they are resin ambulance has to drive to traffic and ambulance has to figure out where the patient is an ambulance has to deal with possibly getting into an accident. An ambulance has to deal with a lot of factors right, the drug could just cut through all that and get right to the patient. Within minutes, so let’s say you’re out in public, can you see someone having a heart attack, and there’s a crowd gathering you call them on one for this person, a drone gets dispatched and gets to the patient. Within minutes, the drone has a screen on it, the screen is showing an EMT who’s talking through a speaker on the drone so that the EMT is kind of there right, it’s a real person, it’s not a, an AI, it’s not a cartoon, and everyone around can listen to the EMT and talk to the EMT as an EMT is there. And there’s an even a built in deferral later on the drug, or maybe there’s crucial medicine that you know maybe there’s insulin or whatever the, you know if the patient is having anaphylaxis shock or something and you need adrenalin, or whatever it is, and then the bystanders will be able to perform tasks using the drone until the EMT, or the ambulance actually gets there, if it’s life or death, and it’s a matter of five or 10 minutes, and there are bystanders and the EMT is instructing them how to use the devices on the drone or the medicine on the drum, somebody can get involved, or if there’s no one around the person that’s being, you know, having shock or whatever their problem is, they can probably move enough to use a device on the drone as well.

So just imagine the amount of time that can be saved, and most of these things, whether it’s a stroke or heart attack anaphylaxis, or whatever it is, these things usually are a matter of minutes that result in the person dying or becoming paralyzed or becoming a vegetable or anything right, it’s always a matter of minutes. And that’s where a drone can cut through and get those things done really quickly. And the last thing, where drones really excel, then everybody knows this by now, surveillance, we’ve seen in the news and all over TV movies where people have been flying drones over people’s houses and disrupting their privacy trying to catch people naked in their houses or in their swimming pools, and people have even shot down drones from their backyards because they you’re visiting my space, right, and people have flown into airspace and people have flown over airports and people have flown in places they shouldn’t have been restricted areas right. And that’s why there’s so many restrictions when you’re flying a drone if you know about drones, like when I try to fly my drone, and it’s restricted and there’s a man in the area that’s affected my drone won’t take off, I have to go online and actually fill out a form on, I use the DJI DJI Maverick drone so I have to go online, on DG eyes website, fill out a form, let them know, I want to I want to fly and film around this radius and have to choose a radius with coordinates and submit that they have to approve it, and then it can go to that area and it’ll let me take off and fly and film what I need. But let’s talk about surveillance right, so this is a big deal, cameras on streets are great, but whenever you see a helicopter hovering in your neighborhood, you know, they’re looking for somebody right but helicopters fly really high, they’re there, they’re much higher than maybe even 1000 feet. Drones can fly 10 feet 20 100 200 They can fly right over houses, they can fly below, you know, right, right on top of cars, you know, and they can maneuver through backyards and all sorts of you know even inside buildings right so you can really find people who are doing the wrong thing, whether they’re bank robbers or murderers or rapists or whatever they’re doing right, you can really find these people quickly with drones, whereas the cameras is a fixed location and a helicopter is a very far away location, but drone is that happy medium where you can do. Maneuverability you can get really good camera, and let’s say, if they did this for example, let’s say there was a police drone right, let’s say, a bunch of bank robbers just robbed the bank, and they get in the getaway car, or they’re on foot and they’re running with the bags of money and outcomes a drone with sirens and lights, you know, the guys like Oh no there’s a cop. Right, well no it’s a drone, but there could be a cop on a speaker saying rollover, or stop running, you know, you’re under arrest, freeze whatever right, the cop could actually be talking to. And if they don’t stop. They could shoot a taser from the drone to incapacitate these people right I mean, that’s just crazy if if they could do something like that right because then, think about it this way, you’re not putting cops in harm’s way, you’re able to get to them much quicker because once again you got to deal with traffic and cop cars and all that stuff right.

So, these drones could really be saving lives in a lot of ways they can be stopping a lot of people from doing the wrong thing. And if you had drones patrolling neighborhoods on a regular basis. Imagine if every so often a drone randomly sweeps by your neighborhood is just, with its camera it’s checking the neighbor, making sure no one’s, you know, robbing anyone or attacking anyone or, you know, trying to break into a house, if these drones were patrolling neighborhoods, they’d be a lot safer, because as soon as a drone sees something suspicious or, you know, they hear someone screaming or whatever, it can fly right over and the police will be seeing what’s going on, and then police can show up so much help would be had by doing this. Not to mention, drones patrolling the coasts, for sharks, and if people are swimming. The drone could go on loudspeaker with a siren and say, shark, shark, shark, you know, or whatever, and people can quickly get out of the water, you know, so there’s so many benefits to having drones surveil streets the waters, or maybe even the woods if you’re, you know, hiking in the woods and there are drones, looking for bears or wolves, or if you’re in the jungle and there’s lions and tigers and bears, oh by, but like seriously if you have these wild animals and you’re in these remote locations and drones can see them from the air and alert you. You’ll be much safer. And these are just some of the things drones can do. I’m sure there’s going to be so many more in the future. Getting medicine to people in that if you’re stuck in the mountain and you were hiking and you fell and and somebody can dispatch a drone to your GPS location on your phone quickly gets you medicine or help to so many things that drones can do that people just can’t do, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you know where this heads in the next 1020 years. I’m curious what you think about drones where you think they’re headed. What kind of utility will they have to help humans in society, and leave them in the comments for me.

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