Zero to CEO: How to crush your competition in tech with a small team with Yegor Sak

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Co-founder of Windscribe, Yegor Sak about how to crush your competition in tech with a small team. Yegor is the co-founder of Windscribe, a free VPN and Ad Block that has over 43 million active users. Yegor started and grew Windscribe with zero outside capital and made the business profitable by month two and currently are doing around $3M in annual revenue. He is also the founder of ControlD, a fully customizable DNS service that allows you to not only block annoyances like malware, tracking, ads, or IoT telemetry but also unblock over 200 services through a network of servers in over 100 cities. All without any apps to install. Tune in to learn more!

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Jason Sherman