The Valentine’s Day platform that I created in 2015

It seems as if I am always ahead of the curve when it comes to new and innovating software platforms, and sometimes hardware as well.   Some of you might know of the software platform that Godaddy Inc. launched a while back that I had previously invented 4 years prior to them…yup 4 years!

Well, it happened again.  This time a company named launched a new feature that does the EXACT SAME THING as my app Hrtbrkrs (Heartbreakers) tried to do in 2015.  Now I say tried to do, because we weren’t able to get any customers, not one single customer.  My friend (and author on this site) Kitten Slatko came up with the idea together after she suffered a breakup and didn’t want to go to her ex’s house to pick up her things, because she was scared of what he might do.

So we came up with a great idea.  Hire a “Heartbreaker” to do your dirty work for you.  In fact we came up with two different options:

  • Do you need to give someone their $h*t back?
  • Or do you need an emergency one night stand removal?

The way we set it up was simple.  The person who needed the service would fill out a short questionnaire on the site, pay a fee, and we would take care of the rest.  We would either send someone to pick up their stuff (or let an ex pick up their stuff), or the second option being we would send someone over to “save you” from the one night stand you just had (with an optional morning after pill in tow).

Kitten and I agreed that if we could get a couple of customers, enough to pay for server costs, real development costs, some marketing funds, etc. that we would take the idea to the next level.  But we never even got a customer.  It seems as if it’s an OK idea, but people might just not be ready for such an innovation, and there could be privacy issues associated with it.

Here are some screenshots:

And you can check out the site here too.


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