The Mystery of Aliens and UFOs

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In this episode I tell you my thoughts and opinions on the mystery of aliens and UFOs. With the pentagon and the U.S. government releasing reports and videos on unidentified flying objects we should be paying attention. Are we alone in the universe? What are aliens doing on Earth? Are they here to harm us or help us? What does the military do at Area 51? I answer these and other questions in this episode. The truth is out there!

There’s been a lot of things going on lately with the Pentagon and the Defense Department and the airforce. We’re starting to see all these videos of UFOs or aerial phenomenon out there, whether it’s the tic tac or other things that showed up on infrared or radar, and they’re about to release some documents and reports about UFOs and what the Pentagon knows about it, what the CIA knows about it and what the Air Force knows about it. So let’s dig in. There’s been so much speculation going on for decades about aliens and UFOs and, you know, for me personally, this goes back all the way to the 1947 Roswell crash, where the government covered it up by saying it was a weather balloon. Later on in the 90s they released reports that there was also some really advanced navigation equipment.

And, you know everybody else that I know or I have seen documentaries or online and through articles written that the Roswell crash was indeed an alien spacecraft with a passenger or navigator, and that the government covered it up. And this episode isn’t really going to be about, You know what the truth is, right, because the truth is that we don’t really know. Right, we personally you and I haven’t really seen with our own eyes, an actual alien being coming out of a spaceship right, you haven’t been abducted. You know you haven’t been taken into a spaceship, you haven’t seen a spaceship. I mean, until we actually see with our own two eyes. A UFO comes land in front of us, with an alien coming out and talking to us or telepathically sending us messages.

e can’t really say that there are UFOs or aliens, although we can speculate that we are not alone in the universe, because it would be kind of silly for us to think that we are literally the only beings or living organisms in the entirety of the universe, it is just very unlikely, at least in my opinion. So I really want to focus more on the significance of the latest UFO briefings and discoveries by the Air Force and the, the possibility of this being actual UFOs, and the first thing I want to talk about, you know something that I really, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately I’ve been really wanting to say this, and again I’m not sure what the what the case is, but what if. Okay, what if the 1947 Roswell crash really sparked a revolution in technology. And think about it this way. Okay, we have these, these iPhones right, we have these iPhones, these smart technologies, we have computers, we have satellites, we have spaceships, we have titanium. This new metal. We have lots of really cool things that just came out if you think about it in the past 60 plus years really quickly, right after 1947. Again this is just speculation but what if that crash, the 1947 Roswell crash, the government was able to extract precious metals that didn’t exist on Earth. Computer motherboards that, and possibly iPhone type devices, touchscreen devices, fiber optic cables, and I can go on and on and on as to what kind of technology was on that alien spacecraft. And if we are to believe that humans are hundreds of 1000s of years old or whatever you believe about humans, whether we were evolved or we were created or whatever it is, we’re in a simulation, we’re in a video game we were pods sent to earth by aliens whatever whatever whatever. The fact of the matter is if the alien crash in 1947 was indeed a spacecraft full of technology. You have to imagine that the fact that those aliens were able to come to earth, number one. Number two, there were probably tons of super advanced technological devices in that spaceship, which we have then reverse engineered and used for progress, smartphones, satellites, internet, fast, fast, fast, everything’s faster everything’s better. Computers are everywhere, you know, TV screens got flatter and thinner, you know, cars got more efficient. Airplanes spaceships, I mean it’s just, you know the amount of stuff that that came out after 1947 If you really look at it, pre 1947 and then post 1947 It was all after 1947 I mean the first computer the ENIAC came out after the Roswell crash I mean, to me it’s too coincidental. Okay. All that aside, let’s say, for the sake of not argument but for the sake of conversation. The 1947 Roswell crash did indeed happen and it was an alien spacecraft. The government covers it up in area 51. They put everything in area 51 The secret base that everyone’s been trying to get into for decades, and there’s other bases too. It’s not the only wonders, 1000s Probably or hundreds of bases all around the country. They reverse engineer it, and start to create their own spaceships.

Now, all of the other countries like China, Russia, North Korea and other countries that are nuclear armed and are also trying to, you know, they’re basically the ones that we could go to war with. We don’t want them to know what we have. So of course we cover it up, let people talk about aliens all they want. But the fact of the matter is, what if America was creating spaceships and, in fact, the more recent spaceships or UFOs or aerial phenomenon that we saw in these videos. What if they were American spaceships? And we don’t tell anybody. We want to see what, you know, can the Air Force keep up with them. Can they attack them, can they capture them, and we were able to see these recent videos. No, it’s it was impossible, they were moving at lightning speeds, you know, complete, you know, unpredictable maneuvers, they were you know just defying the laws of physics they were going up down left right, disappearing they were figuring out where the air, air, the Air Force pilots were going before they were even headed in that direction, so they kind of they were, they must have tapped into their coordinates or something. I mean, just the fact that these pilots couldn’t really catch up and they were, if you listen to the dialogue on the video. They were excited right and pilots don’t get excited, very easily, they’re, they’re all it’s just a balloon or it’s just you know, a flock of birds or it’s just another airplane or whatever it is, these guys really what the hell is that thing.

So what if it is American, or could be Chinese or Russian or North Korea, we don’t know. They’re unidentified. Nobody knows what they are, somebody knows somebody knows right actually I take that back, somebody or something, knows what the tic tac and the other UFOs that we’ve been seeing are, whether it’s the aliens piloting the ships, or the humans in charge of building those spaceships. Now if it’s China or Russia or America or North Korea, anybody. If you’ve done your research on UFOs, there’s a very known fact, these sightings over nuclear facilities around the world in America as well, where a UFO calms above a nuclear facility. It’ll hover over the nuclear facility, and in some cases it’ll shine a red light for, you know, a yellow light or whatever light, it’ll shine a light over the nuclear facility, either shutting down the nuclear facility or turning on the warheads. And then in both cases quickly reversing what it did. So if this shuts it off it turns it back on if it turns it on and shuts it back off, all within a few seconds or a few minutes, but the fact that the spaceship showed up, shining the light, did that disappear. It’s all been very scary for a lot of government officials, understandably so, because of a spaceship and you don’t know. Is it a military from a different country, is it a UFO from space, coming and doing that? What’s scary. Now, part of me believes that these UFOs could be man made because if you’re going to a nuclear facility, posing as a UFO. Knowing that you can’t get caught. Using the cover up that you’re an alien. That makes me believe. So let’s say you’re a Chinese spaceship quickly flying over a nuclear facility. Prove that you can shut off or turn on the nuclear facility, knowing that you can stop an attack.

So let’s say China decides to send nuclear missiles to America to blow up Washington DC or whatever, they know that if we try to retaliate, they can send their UFO over the nuclear base, stop the warheads and if another base tries to do nuclear warheads, stop that when they can send UFOs, to all the bases and shut them down. It’s the ultimate attack. Same goes for the opposite, say Russia wants to attack the US but they don’t want to preempt it, they send the UFO over to the US, they trigger the nuclear warheads to attack Russia. They take off and Russia can retaliate, maybe Russia has a way to blow up the nuclear warheads that are coming at them in space, or whatever, lasers or satellites or some sort of, you know, anti ballistic measures. Either way, we don’t know what’s going on here but something is happening with the nuclear facilities and spaceships and it definitely should cause concern, but we don’t know what it is we know who they are and so we can only speculate, but then there’s something my dad always tells me, he says, Well, if there’s aliens, then how come for the past 60 years people have been posting photos and videos from old video cameras of UFOs, and for the past, you know 6070 years, whatever. There was a consistent kind of photography coming out in the news in the media and videos of people being abducted and UFOs being seen, but as soon as smartphones were invented with these spectacular cameras. He says to me, why don’t we see these videos pop up every single day now that the world has a camera in their hands. And he’s got a point. Right, if these aliens were being found by regular cameras and regular video cameras for decades. And then as soon as smartphones were invented in 2010, all of a sudden, I couldn’t. Personally, I can’t think of any time I’ve seen someone post something on Instagram or YouTube or Facebook or Tik Tok or any of the popular video platforms that have video, where are the videos. You would think that now that everybody has a camera people, you know as soon as I see that UFO boom, start filming that immediately with a good camera. You know with zoom lenses and all that stuff, And everybody’s got DSLR cameras who are professional photographers, people are out there, videoing the stars and planets they should be easily seeing UFOs. I’m just surprised about that.

But then my counter, or my rebuttal, for my father is always well yeah but then the aliens are sophisticated and intelligent, much smarter than we are, they know that we have these devices now. Right so now they’re, they’re avoiding us, maybe they’re using cloaking technology. Maybe they are only coming to areas where they’re more remote, less people, less cameras, there’s a lot of things that, you know, aliens can do that we just don’t know because they’re supposedly a billion times more intelligent than we are. And my last thing about aliens that everybody always talks about is are they here to help us, or are they here to hurt us. Right. Is it going to be like Independence Day? Where’s there gonna be like ET. And that’s up for grabs. No one really knows. But I have this feeling that if they were here to hurt us, they would have done it by now. They’ve had many chances because apparently but again for the best 70 plus years and even before that 1000s of years, apparently UFOs and aliens helped the Aztecs build their pyramid pyramids and the Egyptians be build their pyramids and, and the temples in the Mayans and everyone you know they always put the aliens in the in the in the you know the drawings, they made where it shows people from above, coming down with lights shining and aliens and all that, so who knows, they might be around for 1000s of years and, and it begs the question is, wouldn’t they have just destroyed all humans at that point. Can’t they come down today and just obliterate us. So, you know it’s hard. It’s a tough one, it makes me wonder if they, you know, maybe they’re not here, maybe they’re just curious, maybe they want to get along with us, maybe they want to coexist with us, maybe they’re just passing through our solar system. On their way from their galaxy to another galaxy.

We don’t know what’s out there. We might just be a stopping point. Matter of fact, we could just be a rest stop. Just like truck stop and arrest stop, we could just be a rest stop. They come down, you know, charge up their batteries or whatever, or they get some water if they need some sort of minerals or water or something that they need, Who knows. And they just continue on their journey. We might just be a rest stop and it might be the place to stop because there are humans, there are beings here that are interested in learning about as they stopped through. And, you know, we are the primitive monkeys, right, they are the top of the food chain, they are the top of the top of the universe right they are the intelligent supreme beings we are the lowly, you know, we are the Planet of the Apes to them. So we might just be entertainment, they might stop by just to see what we’re doing, you know, how are we getting along and obviously they’re going to find out not so well. In some ways, but again, this is all just my opinion and speculation because we don’t really know exactly what’s going on, because we haven’t seen it with our own two eyes besides what we see online and videos and documentaries, but there’s so much compelling information in documentaries and classified files, and the government has finally admitted that there are in fact, UFOs or aerial phenomenon that they are just not sure what it is. And that, to me personally, is the kind of the beginning to the answer, they’ve admitted it. They’re releasing reports about it. And if you think about it this way. The government has always acknowledged UFOs have some sort, or they’ve covered up aliens and UFOs, and they’ve been doing and they’ve been kind of releasing information over the past 70 years really slowly so like every 1020 years they’ll release a report, or they’ll release some files, or they’ll, they’ll answer some questions or Air Force pilots ex CIA ex military ex Navy ex army whoever people that are in charge of all these bases, they’ll eventually come out and talk, right before they die or when they retire.

So people are always talking and it takes time as you see the timeline, and now we’re at the end of the timeline or the, or maybe close to the end of the timeline where now military are releasing videos, and the government is releasing reports, and some people out there think that this is the way for the government to slowly tell the world that yes, they are aliens, and they are UFOs, so that it’s not a huge shock, right, like, imagine if it was like 1950 1960 and the government came out and said look here’s the alien we call, here’s the alien spacecraft record. We don’t know why they’re here, bla bla bla bla bla mass panic, chaos and hysteria. And then of course, telling the public that they have these spacecrafts in these aliens means that the other countries are now aware they see it and they’re like oh, So they have alien technology. Well we better figure out what we’re going to do because they’re going to use that technology to their advantage. So we kind of kept it under wraps, possibly to have an advantage over other military out there, but also to not create mass hysteria, out in the public. So by telling us slowly. It’s almost like we’re kind of numb to it, you know, Hollywood has been putting out hundreds of alien movies. We’ve seen all the men and blacks, aliens predators, you know, Independence Days and ETs and Star Wars and all the, all the aliens there’s a million alien avatar, we’ve seen so many alien movies that now it’s just like, it’s almost like they’re real because we’ve seen it with our own eyes. In the movies, we see it in the government videos in the public documents. And so now it’s almost like okay so the real big deal now what, you know, it’s not that it might have been a smart move on their part, you know, knows we won’t know until we know until we know, and I’m here waiting for that day and I’m sure you are too. I’d love to know what you think about aliens and UFOs. Are they real or are they not? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. and as always I will see everyone in next week’s episode.



Jason Sherman