Rewriting the Rules of Being an Author with Michael DeLon

Join me on the latest episode of Strap on your Boots, where I sit down with Michael DeLon, a marketing coach and book publisher, to delve into the unconventional pathways of authorship and entrepreneurship. Michael shares his captivating journey from feeling entrapped in a metaphorical “prison” to finding liberation through the power of publishing. He challenges the traditional notion that business owners must pen their books, drawing from his own transformative experience with his first book, “On Marketing.” Michael also demystifies his advice to entrepreneurs on why they shouldn’t be a “coffee bean” and introduces us to his innovative Credibility Calculator. Plus, don’t miss the intriguing anecdotes about his daring skydiving adventure and the reactions that leave his audience utterly astonished. Tune in for an episode that promises to ignite your curiosity and inspire you to rethink the way you tell your story.

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Jason Sherman