Where cloud storage is headed in the future

In today’s episode I talk about the difference between distributed versus centralized cloud storage with Henry Wilson, an avid community supporter of a forward thinking company disrupting the cloud storage industry called ScPrime. Most companies use Amazon AWS, or other cloud storage companies to store their massive amounts of data. But it comes at a […]

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Future Tech: How Artificial Intelligence will affect the business world with Slater Victoroff

In this episode of Future Tech I talk to Slater Victoroff of Indico about How Artificial Intelligence will affect the business world. We already use AI every day in our lives, whether we know it or not. But the question is, where is AI headed? Will robots take over the Earth, or will AI help […]

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What is Real in a World of Social Constructs

In today’s episode of Future Tech I ask the question, what is real. Because in this world of social constructs, everything is created by people in society. Nothing is really an objective reality, because people in society say that they mean something, or a large group of people agree and accept things the way they […]

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The Mystery of Aliens and UFOs

Listen to the Podcast episode here:  Or Watch the Video here: Here’s the transcript from this podcast episode, please excuse any typos! In this episode I tell you my thoughts and opinions on the mystery of aliens and UFOs. With the pentagon and the U.S. government releasing reports and videos on unidentified flying objects we […]

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