How we might be in a different reality from aliens

When it comes to Schrödinger’s cat, there is a cat inside a box, that is both dead and alive to an outside observer because, until the box is opened, you can’t tell either way. You have to assume it’s one or another, which makes it essentially both until we know for sure. When when it comes to the universe, it’s base reality is made up of what we can confirm through observation as well. The universe works in the quantum world, through quantum mechanics, and quantum physics. This means that the observation process works much different than what we are used to. So with aliens, possibly existing in a multiverse, they are entangled, and once we observe them they will exist. But here’s the thing, from their perspective we could be the ones who are entangled — and that’s why we haven’t seen them, because they haven’t observed us. Tune in to hear my thoughts on this!

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In today’s episode of future tech, I want to talk about how we might be in a different reality from aliens. And I know I’ve talked about aliens before and aliens are a hot topic, like the government showing videos of UFOs from pilots and, you know, more and more documents being released by the government that were classified and sealed in the past. But I don’t want to really talk about aliens as much as I want to talk about how we like it. I said we might be in a different reality and to kind of start things off I’ve mentioned this before in a different episode about Schrodinger’s cat. If you’re not familiar with Schrodinger, cat, this is a really good way of understanding why we might be a different reality from aliens, which is why you and I haven’t seen them.

So you’re in a room or a lab, and there’s a box in the middle of the room, and you’re the observer. So you’re looking at this box, and inside the box. This cat is both dead and alive. And you’re not sure which one it is until you open the box. So your assumption is that the cat is either dead or alive, you just don’t know which one. So, essentially, you have to open the box and find out which it is. Is the cat alive, or is it dead? So when it comes to the universe, you have to assume once again that the universe has its own base reality. Right? We don’t know what that is because we are human. The universe is bigger than us, but it does have its own base reality. And once again, this is why we have NASA and astronomers and scientists who can basically confirm its base reality through observation. So we know certain things about the galaxies and the planets and the stars and light speed travel and how light years it takes to get to places, gasses and minerals and black holes. That we observe what we see and that the universe is based on reality, right?

Scientists have also determined that the universe is made up of quantum mechanics and quantum physics, which means that the observation works in a different way. In the quantum world, that is what they call it. And a quantum particle and not to get too technical here because I’m a little you know, rough around the edges when it comes to this stuff myself. I’m not an expert, but a quantum particle exists in multiple states at once. You know, kind of like a binary code is ones and zeros. Well, quantum particles can exist in multiple ones and zeros, maybe twos and fives, you know, lots of different states. When we measure it, or observe it, that’s when we force it into one of those states. So when we’re in a lab and we are analyzing a quantum particle this is exactly when we force it into one of those states because we’re now making it become a reality. So being that the universe lives in this quantum world with quantum mechanics, quantum particles, etc. It makes things a little different for Schrodinger cat for example. So the cat inside the box is entangled, or connected to me being the observer outside the box. Okay, so we’re connected in some way, but I’m the observer. It’s confusing to me. But we have to look at this from two perspectives. The cat’s perspective too. So to the cat I’m the entangled one, right? So they’re the person or the thing or the entity that says, well, there’s an observer out there entangled to me. So we can look at this.

I read a great article about this recently, and a good analogy that I saw was a coin spinning, right? So you get a quarter, you spin it on a table, and as you observe that coin, it could either be heads or tails, right? It’s one or the other. If you turn away and don’t look at it, then you’re in land, you can assume it’s going to be either heads or tails. You don’t know which one until you observe it. That’s a good way of thinking about this. When you see the coin landing on heads, then you know, it’s heads if it lands on tails and you know, its tails. So this leads us to the meat and potatoes of the story, or like I like to say, the tofu and sweet potatoes of the story. Aliens could be in a multiverse or another reality that we have not observed. Right? A we may be entangled with them. We may be an observer to them, but because we haven’t seen them yet, they may be in another reality or another part of the universe or multiverse as it’s called as it’s known. And since we have not observed them, we haven’t uncovered them. We’re entangled with them. They may be entangled in our meaning, so let’s say we flip that coin on our heads. We see aliens on tails. We don’t see it. We flip the coin and the coin lands on tails. So they’re there. They’re somewhere. But because the coin landed on tails, we did not observe them. If the coin landed on our heads, and we are entangled with them, we are connected to them. We can see them. We’ve observed them, they become a reality. And it gets even crazier.

Like I mentioned with children versus cats. Let’s say there are aliens on Planet zilok out in the middle of nowhere galaxy far, far away long, long time ago. And from their perspective, we’re the ones who are entangled with them. And because they haven’t observed us, we don’t exist to them. Mind blown. So this can work both ways. Right? From their perspective. The coin landed on our tails and they did not observe us. Maybe they were flying by the Milky Way galaxy flying by Earth, but it was 10 million years ago. So we weren’t here yet. Maybe they flew by through a wormhole. And it was Earth where there were no humans. It was an alternate reality. So they missed us. There are a lot of different things that we could think of that could explain why they haven’t observed us and we have not observed them. And in the quantum world, there are a lot of different reasons why that can happen. But it mostly comes down to entanglement being connected to each other through a certain reality or certain universe in the multiverse, or that we have not observed them for a large number of reasons. So it’s definitely possible because they both exist and they don’t exist, so we can’t say 100% guaranteed that aliens do not exist. But we can also not say that aliens 100% do exist, because we have yet to observe them with our own eyes.

We’ve seen reports, we’ve seen classified documents, we’ve seen videos, we’ve seen photos. We’ve even seen area 51 autopsy videos from the 50s or 60s. If those are real, I don’t know. But in the end, until it is a critical mass viewing, which means millions of people around the world can personally see a spaceship and extraterrestrial beings from another planet in front of us in front of our eyes in person. Without a doubt, no. reasoning behind the fact that it’s not real, not legitimate. It’s not a hoax. Then we can say that. Yes, we have observed aliens. They do exist. But until that happens, we are either entangled to them or they are entangled to us and we just have not observed each other. And until that happens, we will continue to wonder, Are we alone in the universe? I personally do not believe we are alone. But until I observe and I’m entangled with Bing, and until I can see without a doubt that it is true. I’ll have to just keep wondering, and I’m wondering what you think. So leave some feedback or questions or comments in the comment section because I always answer them as you know. I’d love to hear your thoughts on quantum world quantum physics showing this cat Schrdinger’s alien as we call it. Now, entanglement theory and any kind of other ideas you can come up with as to why we may not have observed aliens or why they may have not observed us in response. And as always I’ll see you all in next week’s episode.



Jason Sherman