Are we living in a simulation?

In this episode I discuss my thoughts and opinions on whether or not we are living in a simulation. I answer common questions and theories, as well as talking about string theory, alternate realities, multiple universes, and the space time continuum. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic as well, so feel free to leave me a comment or question!

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In today’s episode of Future Tech I want to answer a burning question that many people have asked me, and probably have asked others as well. Are we living in a simulation? Well, let’s get into it. These are just my thoughts and opinions of course but the truth is, and you have to ask yourself this. How do you know if you’re living in a simulation, that’s number one. None of us really know the answer. So the short answer I can give you is that we are yes and no. We are both living in a simulation, and we are not living in a simulation. And this viewpoint is similar to the famous Schrodinger cat, where there is a box in a room with possibly a device or something inside the box, and literally a cat. Inside the box, and people were supposed to tell shortage or or the lack of assistance is the cat alive in the box, or is the cat dead in the box. And since you open the box and check. They figured that the cat was both alive and dead, because both of those options were true, since they couldn’t check. And since we can’t check if we’re in a simulation, kind of like in the matrix, We can’t take a blue pill or red pill, and, you know, Follow The Rabbit down the hole or just wake up as if nothing ever happened again. We can’t unplug from the matrix so we don’t really know whether or not we are in a simulation.

Have you ever walked outside, taken a walk or maybe went to a store or maybe visited friends and family, or something where you were engaging with the outside world and you thought that it just didn’t quite seem right or it seemed too perfect. Or, things were working out in a particular way, As if it was out of your control as if something larger was at work. This can be God. It can be an energy force, or it could be aliens, or it could be a simulation. The real answer here is that we don’t know the truth is, as humans, we create the reality that we live in. It’s actually called social reality. And what it is, is, for example, my name is Jason, but my name is only Jason, because I told you my name is Jason. Your name might be. Danielle and I only know your name is Danielle because you told me your name was Danielle. Why do we believe that our names are Jason and Danielle. First of all, somebody made up those names at one point in history. So who’s to say that those names are even real. They’re just made up names.

Same goes for the borders of countries, for example, the United States and Canada, who’s to say that the border of the United States and Canada or the United States and Mexico, who’s to say those lines in the dirt, our borders, people said that they were borders people said that if you’re inside of this country, you’re American, or you’re in that country Canadian or in that country Mexican. That’s only because people said those things, and we believe those things because people told us, that’s a reality that was fabricated by humans. That’s not the real reality. Same goes for money. Think about it. Money is just pieces of paper and pieces of metal, those things are almost worthless, the metal, you can say, sure you can maybe melt it down and use it for something, but paper money is just paper, but because we tell each other that it has a value. We believe that reality. Why do we believe all these different realities?

I mean look at the past election that just took place. And our last President said that he won the election, even though he lost the election it was obvious in the polls and the tally and the numbers, it was obvious he lost, but he created a distorted the reality that we were in by saying that he won and it created this new alternative, alternative reality basically a new dimension you could even say that we don’t live in because we didn’t believe that he won, but the people that believed him, went off on a separate path. And the story on that path was that he won, and caused an insurrection of people storming the Capitol building. Right. And this was a horrible day in American history. That was a social reality or alternative reality that was completely distorted.

So, living in a simulation or not. We do live in some type of reality that can be distorted by people telling stories people telling us what they believe is true, and that all it takes is for other people to believe those realities and those stories, and that becomes the new reality, or it could, you can say it’s a new path, a new a new alternate alternate reality or a new dimension if you can say that because technically that’s what it is, think about it, we live in a 3d world. But as Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity, and a lot of other scientists and physicists over the years have mentioned, there is a fourth dimension called Space Time, and we don’t quite understand space time quite yet. We understand some parts of it and how you know light travels through space and how, you know there are black holes and wormholes and how, you know, space is expanding forever and how time is different in other parts of the solar systems and galaxies.

So we don’t really quite understand exactly what space time is or how it works or how it affects us. So whether we’re in a simulation or we’re living in a certain dimension or a certain time frame or, you know, all sorts of different possibilities. We’re trying to figure it out right as we go along, physicists and theorists are trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. And there’s another cool theory going around, and this was an old one that people are trying to still figure out string theory, where instead of particles, you know, quantum particles, we’re using string in between those particles to show the pathways, and those strings are taking place of your atoms you know the electrons the photons, this is quantum physics, which is a really tough subject to understand, I’m still learning about it myself. But if you think about it this way your brain inside your skull is really just a big pile of jelly, right, and your eyes, your nose, your ears. Everything about you, your senses right, your feeling and hearing and seeing and doing all these things in your brain is taking in all of this reality. Your brain is trying to process the data that it’s seeing. It’s parsing the data. It’s a computer really if you think about it. And so as our brain is processing all of this data that we’re seeing and hearing and smelling and whatnot. We’re perceiving the reality that our brain is telling us to perceive.

So, with string theory, you have to assume that when you see something or when you hear something or when you experienced something, the atoms and the quantum mechanics between the string that’s following pathways. That’s the pathway that you’re on. But let’s say you forced yourself. Let’s make an example here. Let’s say that you had to go to a job interview. And this job was very important, it was going to change your life. As a matter of fact, if you’ve got this job, you’re going to get a large pay raise, you’re going to be able to buy that house you always wanted, that car you always wanted, move to a different city if you wanted to, and it is gonna change your life. That is a completely different path than the one you’re currently on. You could say it’s an alternate reality. It’s a different dimension because let’s say like chargers cat that you didn’t take that job interview. So you both did take the job interview and you didn’t take the job interview, there’s two paths, two choices you can make on one path, your life changes forever. And on the other path, you don’t know what will happen, you might just stay the same. You might be miserable. You might get hit by a bus and die because you didn’t go to the job interview.

Who knows what will happen. The fact is, it is two different realities, two different strengths, two different paths, two different simulations. So let’s say you did take that job interview. And now you’re on that path. And you got the job, you bought the house you bought the car you moved cities had the life that is a completely different reality than the one you were currently living. So it’s me. That raises a flag. I got a question. If I take that job I changed my life and I want a new path into reality, that I somehow circumvent the simulation that I somehow break the mold of the programming that I somehow hack my way out of the binary code and the ones and zeros or the algorithm that was controlling my life. By breaking out of the routine that I had and changing my reality. That’s a good question. I’d like to know the answer to that.

I sometimes wonder what actually is reality. All of the things that we have smartphones, the internet, social media, cars , food amusement parks, movies, technology, plants, everything. Sure, we can believe, lots of different reasons why we have these things, some say the Big Bang caused these chemical and mineral and, you know, all sorts of explosions of life basically. Some say God created everything, or a special force or spirit or multiple gods. There are lots of theories as to what happens, it could also be aliens decided to create a simulation and put us all in it. And here we are. We don’t know the answer, but it still raises the question of what is reality. We see and hear and taste and smell and feel all of these different things. Yeah, we don’t really know what it is, we just agree that we live on planet Earth, that we are citizens of the countries we live in, we eat the food to stay alive we sleep to give our brain rest we have relationships with people we get jobs we are families. And we enjoy entertainment. That’s what our reality is we believe that reality. And it still doesn’t really make a lot of sense in the end, a lot of people always ask that question of what is the meaning of life like why are we alive. Some people say it’s to achieve goals some people to help others. Some people is to raise a family and so on and so forth. But in the end, what really is life and reality.

Fundamentally, we don’t really know the answer. And sometimes when I am taking a walk in the park with my dog, or I am just meditating in my room or I’m talking to a friend or family member, or I’m seeing something that I’m trying to learn or anything at all. I wonder, is this real. Am I looking at something real, or what because you can get lost in the world of reality, if you look hard enough. And I’m curious if you have been looking hard enough. In reality, and wondering, is this real. Are we in a simulation, what pathway Am I on. In what moment of the space time continuum to my living in lots of other questions, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, leave me a comment and tell me if you think we’re living in a simulation, and I will definitely love to have a conversation with you, and I’ll see you guys all in next week’s episode.



Jason Sherman