10 ways robots can help humans

In this episode of Future Tech, I want to give you 10 reasons how robots could make our lives easier and better. Now we’ve seen a lot of robots in science fiction movies such as Star Wars where they helped our friends, or Terminator where the machines took over the world and started killing all the humans. But they don’t always show us how robots could be helping us. So here’s some of the ways that I noticed over the years that I think robots could help us.

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The first way is by helping our kids, especially during the pandemic I noticed a lot of families, a lot of parents have been struggling to not only take care of their kids during the day while they’re trying to work, but also teach them at home. Now, of course, not every parent wants to leave your kid alone with a robot but let’s say the robot is programmed in a way where it really can’t hurt your kid, while the robot could be the kids teacher could take him outside to play while you’re busy working the robot could make sure that the child doesn’t drown or doesn’t get hit by a car because the robot is programmed to make sure nothing happens to your child, but it has a screen so it can be interactive and it could be you know maybe a touchscreen, it can teach your child how to speak languages it can teach your child how to play instruments, it can teach your child, every kind of subject because it has a wealth of knowledge in its head. It doesn’t have to open up a book or you know look something up, it is the internet, it has all the knowledge,

The second thing that I feel as though robots could help us with in some way, is zoom meetings right video meetings teleconferencing meetings, all the meetings we’ve been doing during the pandemic where everyone has what’s called Zoom fatigue. Well, I mean I know this sounds silly but they have these kinds of robots with a tablet on the head where it kind of walks around the office or all around the office and your faces on it. It could be kind of traveling around an office with your face on an iPad screen. And so you’re not just sitting, you know, at a desk or whatever you’re like you know you can be walking around doing something right while the robot is also walking around or you guys are all together in a conference room. It might be silly or whatever but it also makes it more fun so I feel like robots could potentially make it so that you can be at an office, virtually in a robe on a robot moving around and doing things, going to the next office where the person is sitting in their robot. Right. And so it’s, it’s kind of silly right but it would also make it so that you’re at the office but not really at the office so maybe maybe it’s an option, who knows.

Number three would be gardening, right I mean again during the pandemic I’ve had more and more plants that I had to take care of because they kept growing and I kept you know, propagating them and like cutting them and making more and more plants, and there’s a lot of people that have a lot of lands with, you know, possibly a garden outside, maybe you don’t have a green thumb. Maybe you have a brown thumb right you know or a black thumb, and you’re not doing so well, and your plants are dying. Well a robot could go outside and knows the techniques knows how to do it properly and knows how to plant all the garden for you, you can have food you can be growing food your robot could be growing new food without you having to worry about it, for it could teach you how to do it so that you can grow the food or the plants, and then that way you have like a gardener right a gardener helping you. They can even drive to the store, pick up the supplies for you or they can walk to the store, or whatever, right, these robots are autonomous they can help you do whatever it is you need to do without having to, you know, worry about the consequences that you might have, because you don’t know how to do.

The fourth thing I think would be keeping your utilities in check. So for example, if this is we’re talking about like an automated Smart Hub in your home, not technically a robot but they are smart objects right turning the lights on and off, optimizing your air conditioner which you kind of have with the nest right so we’re kind of using these things, maybe in the future, when you’re not using electricity it starts getting stored, and the smart robot in your house starts to put that electricity into a battery like I think we’ve seen this with Tesla they’re creating the Smart Battery, but there’s so many ways of optimizing things in your home. And this robot can turn things on when you enter the room, it can put on the morning news for you it can start the coffee pot, it can do these things that you would normally have to do yourself, but it knows because it knows your schedule it learns it and it will make your life at home a lot better and a lot easier.

Number five is a pretty big one, in my opinion especially again, I keep saying during the pandemic, but the pandemic really has shown a lot of gaps in the market for what works and what doesn’t work. And although I had a lot of takeout but a lot of people have had a lot of takeout to support local restaurants, there’s always a chance that you get a meal from a restaurant that you did a takeout and it just didn’t come out right. The pizza was sloppy, you know, the salad was missing the dressing. The meat was undercooked. The vegetables were, you know, overbaked whatever the problem is right. We could have robots in the kitchen preparing meals efficiently properly, and without worrying about what time it is that they need to take a break, you know, there’s so many things that you know there’s a lot of human error. When it comes to cooking. And so this would be a big way for robots to, you know, integrate into societies to become our cooks and being a cook.

Number six would be to be your cook at home. I gotta be honest, I don’t like to cook. I do it all the time. I’m a meal prep or so I’m always preparing meals for the whole week whether it’s breakfast or dinner. And, you know, I just don’t like not only cleaning the dishes and the pots and pans but I don’t like chopping up all the stuff and cooking all of it, it’s because it’s time consuming. Right. I would much rather have a robot in my kitchen preparing the vegetables, chopping them up, cleaning everything, and washing the dishes. Yep, basically doing all the work and just putting the plate down as food for me to eat. How great would that be to come home, or to just, you know, whatever it is you’re doing, and the robot sends you a message on your phone as you know sir or ma’am, or they are there, your food is ready. Okay and then you sit down, enjoy it and then he can sit there, or the robot can sit there with you, and have a conversation with you about your day if you want company.

Number seven is keeping you company. So let’s say you are eating dinner and you and you want to talk to the robot, maybe you can just ask the robot questions, they can answer you because they know all the answers, where they can just play music for you, where the screen on their chest can play, Netflix for you. It knows what you want, it knows what you want so it might just automatically sit down with you and start playing Netflix for you. Maybe you can ask questions while you’re watching it, and it can look up all the commentary from the directors and the producers and the fans, and they can show all that for you. I mean how great would that be to have like a, like a rotten tomatoes kind of built into your robot so you can just know what’s going on with the stuff you’re watching, or you can learn, you can learn languages you can learn music you could do all these different things while you’re eating, or while you’re gardening or while you’re exercise your robot could help you do lots of different things because now you have a companion, you have someone to spend time with. And during the pandemic, a lot of people suffered from social isolation, which causes depression and fatigue, and so having a robot companion could help for a lot of people who are introverted and don’t have a lot of friends or family or people who live in remote areas and don’t have a lot of access to large communities and things like that. People who aren’t religious don’t have church and so on and so for those people out there who would benefit from a robot.

Number eight is not that big of a deal but I thought about this the other day when I went to the grocery store, and I saw an elderly woman with a cart with all these different bags of groceries, and I felt bad because I could tell she was struggling, putting them into her cart so I was a good Samaritan and I asked her she needed help, putting the bags into her car I told her man you can sit in the car while I do that we both had our masks on. So you could sit in the car, I’ll take care of it and she just kept thanking me she tried to give me money. I didn’t accept of course, but I put all the bags into the back of her trunk. I closed the trunk and then I you know I waved goodbye, And she didn’t even check because I was like this my hand. My hands just in case. But the point is how great would that be for an elderly person, or a disabled person, someone in a wheelchair, whatever, to go into the grocery store with a robot. The robot can pick all the things that you want you can point where you can tell them, or they know already because you clicked it in your phone, and it has the list in their in their memory banks or their CPU or their or their hard drives, whether artificial intelligence their neural network whatever they have, they know what you want, you can go with them. They can pick it out for you and you can make sure you get the right stuff. And then they can check out for you and carry it out of your car, and they can carry it all into your house and they can put it all away because the last thing I want to do when I get home from grocery shopping is putting all this stuff away. So having a robot to take care of your grocery shopping, would be just immensely helpful.

Number nine might not seem like a big deal, and it probably isn’t. But I still think it would be helpful and the reason why I was at the park with my dog. The other day, and it was finally about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the warm outside was sunny. I couldn’t believe I saw this older woman. She wasn’t that old. She might have been in her 60s and her younger son who was probably about 40. He was kind of carrying her back to the car and she was complaining about the heat. And I thought to myself, Well wait a minute. It’s been winter for six months, it’s been freezing cold and dark. I’ve been so dying waiting for the sign that wants to come back here. And this woman is complaining about it. And here’s what I heard him say to her. Don’t worry, don’t worry, mom. I’ll get you back at home and the cool air conditioner. And I thought to myself, how about turning my air conditioner on for another month or two at least till June or July. So I thought to myself, What if I had this robot companion who comes with me to the park to toss a football or to play you know, paddle ball or whatever, what have you, because like a lot of times I go to the park with my dog and I’m by myself and I don’t have anyone to interact with right so it’d be really cool to have this robot companion at the park now let’s say this woman had the robot companion with her, and he has a built in, air conditioner, and he’s just pushing cold air onto her as she’s walking now and maybe holding an umbrella for her. Now she’s at the park in the beautiful sunshine with the trees and the breeze and the animals and the robot companion with an umbrella, pushing a nice cool breeze on her. And I just thought of that, like, that’s possible, it’s 100% possible, and that would be another thing that we could do for you.

And I saved number 10 for last because this is a big one. We kind of already have them with these smartwatches, these Apple watches and other Fitbits and things like that. Health. What better way to keep track of your health than an AI robot that has all the medical knowledge in the world can monitor all of your statistics, you can maybe do a fingerprint scan it can do a blood sample and it can constantly check your insulin levels, your cholesterol, you know, it can check maybe it can do some sort of scan of your body and they can see if you have cancer or you know some other cardiac problem you know a heart problem, I mean, I don’t know what their capabilities would be in the future but imagine having a robot companion, who’s also like your medical assistant. Maybe it says, you know you’re dehydrated, drink some water and it goes to get you some water or, you know it says your blood sugar is low and it brings you a snack, whatever it is, this would be very helpful for a lot of people because the medical industry is huge. A lot of people have health problems, and you have to wait to go to the hospital or wait to go to the doctor and a lot of back and forth. And I think that a lot of people growing up, went to the doctors don’t like any medicine and maybe the robot knows how to not only diagnose you but also maybe it can give you the medicine or those that make the medicine, you know, I don’t know, I’m just saying this is something that I feel like robots could be very helpful. And before I leave you guys.

I do want to mention one more bonus. I was at the grocery store once again, and I saw this robot going down the aisle beeping and cleaning the floor. And I thought to myself, that would be fantastic if we had robots, constantly cleaning, spraying , wiping , dusting, vacuuming stores and public places, outdoors and indoors, constantly cleaning and spraying antibiotic or virus killer spray, whatever. And then that would eliminate the virus. Right so pandemic cleaning robots we need them everywhere. So that’s pretty much it in terms of what I feel like robots would do for us, and I would love to know what you think a robot could do for us, that I might have missed or that other ideas you have or what utilities we might see in the future, what you think we might see and leave them in the comments and I’ll answer every single comment that I get.

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