What I’m good at:

Over the past few decades, I have traveled the world and learned many things during my adventures. Between college, working in the corporate world, starting my own companies, inventing products, publishing books, writing and directing feature films, performing music around the world, and being an all around creative person; I’ve found myself becoming an expert in a wide variety of industries and topics.

One of the things that sets me apart from other entrepreneurs, is not only my willingness to learn every facet of a business, but also the ability to share that knowledge with others around me. This is what brings a team together. Additionally, being able to perform with such an extensive range of skills has allowed me to succeed in many industries. I look forward to many more decades of sharing my talents with the world, while helping others achieve their goals in the process. 


I’ve been building websites since the 1990’s and can help you create a wireframe or design of your idea and then take it to the next level by building an MVP. Part of the process entails helping you create a technical specification document, flowchart, and infrastructure functionality map, which I will guide you through. Once we have the basis for your idea laid out, we can start working on functionality. Contact me if you need to book a consultation.

Project Management

I’ve been building startups for many years and have been managing teams of entrepreneurs in all aspects of the operations including programming, marketing, business and more. I will help you use my methodologies to make the right decisions, which essentially will save you years of time and thousands of dollars. Contact me if you need to book a consultation.


With my company: Delphia Entertainment, I have successfully full length feature films, celebrity interviews, music videos, web series, short films, drone videos, and private events. If you need affordable high quality video services feel free to fill out this form to hire us.


From the age of 3 I have been playing the violin and am classically trained. In the 1990’s I was a world renown music producer and DJ. I still enjoy creating music or incorporating music in my videography projects. Although I no longer offer my services as an engineer, I do still help people with their podcast, voiceovers, audio correction, and other low intensity audio projects. Contact me if you need to book a consultation.


I’ve spoken at area universities such as Upenn/Wharton, Temple/Fox, Drexel/LeBow, and many others in the tri-state area. I’ve also done lectures at hackathons, tech events, and collegiate events as well. My lectures can be hands on and also interactive if you so choose. Contact me if you’d like to hire me to speak at your event.


I published my first book at the age of 7, and my love for writing never ended. I continued to write short stories in high school when I created my first comic book that I sold to fellow students. After college I turned one of my short stories into a Sci-Fi novel that I published in 2005. When the Examiner was a popular news publication I wrote over 100 articles for the platform. Later, I was brought on board as a journalist for Technically Philly, and have been published in various magazines over the years. I am also a published screenwriter and ghost writer having written various books for doctors, professors and entrepreneurs. If you need help with your book, screenplay, blog, or other written content feel free to reach out for a consultation.

Work Ethic:

I am extremely responsive to your needs and deadlines. I never say a project is complete until you are 100% satisfied with the final result. I make myself available via phone, email, text, video chat, and in person meetings as often as you need. You shouldn’t have to wait for someone weeks just to get back to you. I pride myself in fast response times to keep you updated on the progress of your project.


I have been running businesses since the mid 1990s and have personally been a part of every aspect of each business whether it was daily operations, finances, marketing, legal, development, design, manufacturing, or managing teams and employees. Furthermore, I successfully exited from my brick & mortar franchise that I started in 2006 and sold in 2012, so I know a thing or two about physical businesses as well.

Project Budget:

Once I get an idea of what the scope of your project is, you will find that my prices are extremely competitive with the industry that they lie in. Whether you need a new website or mobile app, graphic design, HD video & editing, or help with your business, I will work within your budget. I will also accept equity in tech startups for a board seat or advisory role.


What people say about me:

In my whole life, I never met a genius before…until I met Jason. He is capable of doing literally everything, and he never ceases to amaze me. I’ve learned so much from him, and he is so humble which is rare in someone as intelligent as he is. I am proud and honored to call Jason a friend, and a co-founder.

Kristin LaSalle  – Funding Manager at SBF Finance and Technology

Jason gets things done. The most ambitious person I’ve worked with. He has superhuman response times and always sees an angle I hadn’t thought about. He is a creative person that also excels in business while maintaining a strong knowledge of current technology. I recommend Jason because if he says he’s going to do it then it’s going to get done.

Joel Young  – Freelance Video Production

Mr. Sherman is a very organized, persistent, professional who goes above and beyond for his clients. His work is done with the client in mind and the utmost respect. I highly recommend him for your next project.

Katie Busch – Advocate for PANDAS/PANS/Lyme