Zero to CEO: How to connect with a global audience with Jill Bishop

\In this captivating episode of Zero to CEO, join me as I dive deep into a conversation with Jill Bishop, a linguistic anthropologist turned CEO, who has harnessed the power of language and culture to connect with a global audience. If you’re working, selling, or expanding worldwide, understanding your audience is crucial to forge genuine connections.

Jill shares her fascinating journey from earning a PhD in linguistic anthropology to running a successful business. Discover the critical role of language in creating connections and how it goes beyond mere communication. Learn about the difference between a native speaker and a translator, and why each has a unique contribution to make.

As we enter the era of AI and machine translation, Jill sheds light on the importance of human insight and its continued relevance. And finally, pick up valuable tips on leading a global and fully remote team, as Jill shares her firsthand experience managing an international workforce. Don’t miss this insightful and engaging episode that will help you connect with people across borders, languages, and cultures. Tune in now!

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Jason Sherman