Zero to CEO: Be the Change Social Entrepreneurship Insights with Leilani Quiray

In this episode of Zero to CEO I talk to LeiLani Quiray, the Founder & CEO of be the change HR about Social Entrepreneurship Insights. LeiLani lives by Mahatma Gandhi’s words “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. That’s what led her to start be the change HR as a social enterprise, which not only does great HR work but also contributes to the betterment of the world through their work. Besides donating 10% of its annual net income to charity, be the change HR has supported close to 30 nonprofit organizations. We discuss why are employees really leaving your company if you have been affected by the great resignation. What you need to do to become an employer of choice and start attracting great people. How to be a good firer aka kind terminator. What it means to own a ‘social enterprise’ and how you can impact the world through this business. As well as actionable advice and insights on social enterprises & what it takes to scale one.

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Jason Sherman