Learn how to sell your expertise to clients with Chris Williams

In this episode I speak to high-ticket mastermind launch advisor Chris Williams from Group Coach Nation about how to sell your expertise to clients. Chris talks about how most people don’t want to go through the pain of starting something new and making mistakes, which is why they would pay you to do it right […]

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Zero to CEO: Fundamentals of Building a Web3 SaaS Business with James Bayly

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Web3 Infrastructure Builder James Bayly of subquery.network about the fundamentals of building a Web3 SaaS business. We delve into the topics of building a sustainable business in blockchain, and how driving community growth is critical to your success. We discuss the difference between token versus […]

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Zero to CEO: How to crush your competition in tech with a small team with Yegor Sak

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Co-founder of Windscribe, Yegor Sak about how to crush your competition in tech with a small team. Yegor is the co-founder of Windscribe, a free VPN and Ad Block that has over 43 million active users. Yegor started and grew Windscribe with zero outside capital […]

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How to Create More Work Life Balance for Busy Entrepreneurs with Swire Ho

In this episode I talk with Swire Ho from Garuda Promo about how to create more work life balance. Swire has loved fitness and wellness since his days in high school, and talks about how important it has been to focus on staying active during the pandemic. Swire offers tips such as taking a walk […]

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Zero to CEO: How business owners can use the 3 cords concept to achieve their financial goals with Rocco Carriero

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to private wealth advisor Rocco Carriero. For the last 20-years, Rocco has been advising business owners and entrepreneurs with wealth management. His practice currently has over $750M in assets under management. He has been featured on NBC, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Check out his […]

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Zero to CEO: How to Wisely Invest in your future with Anthony Milewski

In this episode of Zero to CEO I talk to Anthony Milewski who is an investing veteran and Chairman of Nickel 28 — a battery metals focused investment company with a focus on metal streaming and royalty agreements. Anthony has been active in the battery metals industry including investing in cobalt and actively trading physical cobalt. Previously, […]

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Zero to CEO: Successful Strategies To Increase Workplace Productivity with Rob Braiman

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Rob Braiman, a veteran who served in the US Special Operations Command and founder and CEO of Cogent Analytics, a consulting firm that helps businesses scale up improving organizational structuring and getting rid of operational efficiencies which are often costing companies millions of dollars a […]

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Zero to CEO: How it’s not if but when you will exit your business with Ahmie Baum

In this episode I speak with Ahmie Baum, who is the founder and CEO of Interchange Capital Partners — a family business that has honed a comprehensive and collaborative process over its 40 years of practice in financial services and is dedicated to helping clients and their families build financial safety nets. He has been named to […]

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The top 3 tactics to maximize your social media marketing with Paul Baron

In this episode I speak to Product & Industry Agnostic Entrepreneur Paul Baron who has helped startups market to their customers for years. His main tip is to identify who your customer is and validate your product. Once you do so, engaging with social media is much easier since you are targeting a niche audience. […]

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How to manage your time and avoid burnout with Ioannis Gratsinopoulos

In today’s episode I speak to Ioannis Gratsinopoulos, who is an award-winning, Fortune 200 trainer and business coach, an ordained pastor, and a 20-year veteran ministry coach. In fact, he has over 10,000 hours of consulting, training, and coaching within the church and business worlds, with a focus on successfully assisting organizational and leadership transformations. […]

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Zero to CEO: How change marketing can transform your business with Neil Bedwell

In this episode of Zero to CEO I speak to Co-Founder of Local, Neil Bedwell. We will explore what change marketing means, how it works, and mostly what it can do for your business. Misery and unhappiness at work is costly, and Neil will help you learn more about using change marketing to help your company […]

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