How to effectively revolutionize an industry with Bryan Clayton

Join me for an insightful episode with Bryan Clayton, the CEO and co-founder of GreenPal, the groundbreaking mobile app often dubbed the ‘Uber for lawn care.’ With a staggering 300,000+ active users and over $20 million in annual sales, GreenPal has revolutionized the lawn care industry. Bryan’s journey from founding Peachtree Inc., a landscaping giant with $10 million in annual revenue before its acquisition by Lusa Holdings, to his current role, is a testament to his expertise in entrepreneurialism, small business growth, marketing, and bootstrapping businesses from zero to profitability. Bryan shares invaluable strategies on using customer feedback to drive SEO, bootstrapping to eight figures, harnessing Google search for customer acquisition, and building high-performing teams. Don’t miss this chance to learn from Bryan Clayton’s remarkable success story.

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Jason Sherman