This Philadelphia school replaced textbooks with iPads

Teachers at Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School create custom learning materials with iPad, iTunes U, and iBooks Author. As the city’s largest tuition-free K–12 charter school, they implement STEAM curriculum that emphasizes academic and artistic excellence equally. And with Apple technology at the core of teaching and learning, their teachers design their own curriculum, […]

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Deliveries by Drone: What will it be like?

As most of you know, Amazon is getting closer to delivering your packages via drone.  I’m sure everyone is wondering what it will actually be like.  Will you have to stand outside when the drone arrives?  Will the drone know that your dog is in the yard…and avoid it?  How quickly will the drone deliver your […]

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What Life Will be like once Artificial Intelligence is Here

What if artificial intelligence (AI) was finally here? I don’t mean Watson or another computer that is smarter than normal. I’m talking about a straight up android who looks and acts human, and can be your assistant, your employee, your friend, your lover, or your bodyguard. Everyone is worried that once this happens, the machines […]

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What it Feels Like to be a Googler [Interview Day with Video]

Silicon Valley is an amazing place.  The people are intelligent (and laid back), the atmosphere is magical, the weather is nice, and tech is prevalent all around you.  When I first arrived to Google’s headquarters it looked like a college campus, and I found out that it actually feels like one too.  Everything from the […]

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330 Years of Unknown History: The Oldest Road in America Finally Surfaces

Often, there are hidden truths and old tales that get lost with each generation.  As such, there is an untold story about the United States that begins in the 1600s. Prior to English entrepreneur and Pennsylvania founder William Penn’s arrival to the New World, this continent was inhabited by various Indigenous Indian tribes.  Once the […]

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5 Reasons Why College Students Should Start a Company

#1 Because you’re young.  When you have time on your side, if it doesn’t go as planned, no big deal, you have the rest of your life to make things work out. #2 You’ll have support. You’ll have the support of your teachers, your friends, your family, and investors who specifically invest in college students such as the […]

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Why Investors Should Stop Investing in Ideas

As the saying goes, ideas are a dime a dozen. The execution of the ideas are what matters. And who has been executing brilliant ideas throughout history? It’s being accomplished by entrepreneurs, experts in their field, historians, scientists, brilliant minds of our time. Nikola Tesla revolutionized various different things, but there are so many of his ideas that you […]

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What Will Humans Evolve Into in the Next Century

When I have philosophical discussions with friends or family, typically the topic comes up regarding humans and computers. Being that I’m a tech geek, they always seem to think that I have the answers. I do have opinions, so they could suffice for now. My biggest opinion is that one day, when the Singularity happens, and artificial […]

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