4 ways to manage stress in your business

In this episode I give you the 4 things I do on a daily basis to combat the effects of stress while running my businesses. Especially during such trying times in this pandemic, we need to battle anxiety, depression, and stress even more.

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Here’s the transcript from this podcast episode, please excuse any typos!

It seems as if we are in what people are saying is the beginning of the end to the pandemic or what I like to say the apocalypse or the end of the world, but a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners, at least I’m noticing around me, or people I talked to are still very stressed out. These have been very challenging times, frustrating things have been tough, both financially, socially and physically and mentally. So, what I’ve been doing to stay positive, and to stay productive and healthy are about four non business related things that I’ve noticed have helped me get through the tough times, so I’m hoping they’ll help you in some way.

The first thing that I noticed, I started doing during the pandemic and still today I slowed down a bit, being patient, and taking my time, whereas I used to be in a rush and always busy busy and going from here going from there and kind of always all over the place. I learned to just chill out and start focusing on micro tasks or micro goals instead of the larger bigger picture stuff. I’d say to myself okay let me let me get a list of some small tasks, I can accomplish this week. And once those small tasks are all completed it kind of forms a larger task right or a larger goal, and you should set those macro or larger goals as well, so that as you’re hitting those smaller ones, Eventually you’ll reach the larger one. And by taking your time and not expecting to get these things done overnight, you’ll be a lot less stressed out because let’s face it, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You know a lot of big companies took years to become large and people think that you know the myth that Facebook and other companies were successes overnight and that’s just not the case. So take your time, be patient, set micro goals towards the larger macro goals and you’ll be in a better place.

The second thing, not to sound like a Zen master or like a Buddhist monk. But, step away if you’re stressed out if you just got off a really crazy phone call or you were yelling at your partner or your co founder, or your employees were driving you nuts or customers drove you nuts. Step away from the situation, whether it’s your desk or your office or wherever you are. Take a break, go take a walk out in nature, you know, if you have a cat or a dog, go play with your pet go take a walk with your dog, something I do every day in the middle of the afternoon to kind of break up the, you know the craziness that usually ensues. As I meditate. This can be five minutes 10 minutes. Find a comfortable spot, sit down, lie down. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, try to kill all the negative thoughts that come into your head, just kick them out, and focus on your breathing. I know it sounds silly and people say well why should I meditate or I don’t have time to meditate. But you’ll notice after you do it for those five or 10 minutes, believe it or not, you’re going to be a lot calmer, to be able to rationally think a lot easier. You won’t be so angry, will be more positive you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to come back to the situation with more clarity, something similar is you can talk to a friend so call a family member or friend, jump on a video call, and explain to them what the situation is have them kind of play damage control and see if they can help you out with a situation or give you advice, To try to call me down a bit, it’s always helpful to talk to people about what you’re facing, especially if they know what you’re dealing with because they’ve also dealt with it, but I would recommend definitely stepping away and taking a break, more so than that because most people are just going to support you and kind of tell you yes yes you’re right you’re right you’re right, or maybe they’ll tell you are wrong, maybe you’ll get more angry maybe you’ll get less angry. Point is, you want to kind of block out the negativity and focus on the positivity.

The third thing I’ve been doing, which I believe is probably one of the most effective, is I’ve been exercising almost daily, and I’ve been eating super healthy. I understand, during the pandemic, people have gotten lazy, they’ve ordered out a lot, they’ve gotten fast food a lot, they’ve been doing a lot of frozen dinners and whatever it’s convenient, people will probably put on a few pounds. So when I do the opposite, why not make some healthy food, exercise, you will feel 1000 times better. I stand at my best normally when I’m working, I go for walks two, three times a day, I do regular exercise like gym workouts at my house, and I do yoga every single morning before I start my day. I mean, these are the things that will help you be a better entrepreneur, a better business owner because if your body is in tune, and you feel good, then it’s going to translate into your daily work. Now it goes without saying. Part of being healthy is staying hydrated. Drink water, tea and coffee a whole bunch of times a day, always stay hydrated. And because I’m going to take a sip of my tea right now actually decaf Chai spice. I also do intermittent fasting. Now this is not for everyone but what I do is I eat my breakfast, about an hour after I wake up after I drink black coffee, but an hour after I wake up, then I drink tea around another hour after that. And then I drink water. After that I have a small snack in the middle of the afternoon. We’ll stay around between 12 and 1pm with my coffee again. This time it’s maybe like raw nuts and dried fruits. I don’t have a big lunch, that’s the thing if you, if you eat a big lunch, you’re going to crash in the afternoon. So my suggestion to you is instead of having this large lunch at 12 or whatever time you eat lunch, have a snack, make it a healthy one. I eat organic, raw nuts in organic dried fruit, and coffee. If you eat a drink that or something similar. You will not crash in the afternoon. I promise you you will have energy, because your body will be in fasting mode, it’ll be attacking the fat in your body. If you’re trying to lose weight. Perfect. Then you’ll be really hungry for dinner. Within a couple of hours I usually eat a big healthy meal between four and 5pm. That’s my meal of the day, right, my breakfast in the morning is an oatmeal, so it’s not huge, it’s not a huge meal, still cut out at four or 5pm, huge meal, eat whatever you want. But then, don’t eat anything until the next day again, your steel cut oats or whatever you have for breakfast. I mean 16 hours you’re not eating, and your body is just in fasting mode so it’s burning all the fat you have, it’s burning all the glucose, it’s making you have more energy. Right now, and the best part about this whole thing is, not only are you being healthier, but you’re not having you don’t have to stop to keep eating. You know these big meals because, meaning that snacking a meal a day takes a couple minutes, you can get right back to work so I noticed that my time has been freed up, my body has been healthier, I’ve had more energy, and I can focus on the important things.

The last thing number four, that I’ve been doing, and I’ve been doing this forever, but this is something that during the pandemic has been even more important is to make sure you have fun, you have to enjoy every single day that you’re working on your business or your idea, your product. This means focusing on the most creative tasks during the earlier hours of the day, because during earlier hours you have the most energy you have the most, you know brain power, so focus on the fun creative stuff in the earlier hours of the day, and then do the tedious more administrative or whatever kind of document kind of work or whatever it is you have to do, emailing, do that all in the afternoon right when you, when you supposedly crash from your lunch or whatever, that’s what you should do that, that work that you don’t really want to do that much, because by then you’re like okay I already did all the fun stuff I got it out of the way. Now I can do the tedious stuff in the afternoon, just to kill those hours but at least you’re getting work done, and one of the things I consider to be fun, believe it or not is to research and learn whether that’s listening to a podcast or researching something online reading a Wikipedia page about a topic or a company, reading a book, reading a blog post reading an article, just learning things. I’ve been learning Portuguese and I’ve been beating my friend shop and I’ve been, you know, learning different languages and playing the piano and basically learning how to do different things that maybe aren’t business related maybe they are because I’m always researching new topics, but that part is, believe it or not, it becomes fun. If you make it part of your routine if you’re like learning new things and your brain is exercising because it is a muscle, and you’re being creative and you’re designing new things and you’re collaborating with people and you’re doing fun stuff, you’ll be more positive you’ll be less stressed out, and that’s the goal here, the goal is to be less stressed out less anxiety, more positive, more energy, and just stay on the right path, and hopefully if these four things sound good to you, you want to try them out and they’ll work for you, I’d love to hear how it’s affected your daily schedule, and your daily routine in your daily work life, by leaving me a comment and let me know if it’s been working out for you.

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