What I can do

Over the past few decades, I have traveled the world and learned many things during my adventures. Between college, working in the corporate world, starting my own companies, inventing products, publishing books, writing and directing feature films, performing music around the world, and being an all around creative person; I've found myself becoming an expert in a wide variety of industries and topics.

One of the things that sets me apart from other entrepreneurs, is not only my willingness to learn every facet of a business, but also the ability to share that knowledge with others around me. This is what brings a team together. Additionally, being able to perform with such an extensive range of skills has allowed me to succeed in practically every industry. I look forward to many more decades of sharing my talents with the world, while helping others achieve their goals in the process.

Web & Mobile Design

I've been designing websites since Adobe invented Photoshop in the 90's. I can help you create a wireframe or prototype of your idea and then take it to the next level with design and functionality. If you need a workflow document, flowchart and workflow maps I can do those as well.

Startup Building

I’ve been building startups for almost a decade and have been working closely with teams of developers, marketing gurus, business & financial officers and more. I will help you use lean methodologies to make the right decisions, which essentially will save you years of time and thousands of dollars.


With my company: Delphia Entertainment, I have successfully filmed celebrity interviews, music videos, web series, short films, drone videos, and full length feature films. Feel free to hire us here.

Content Writing

I published a Sci-Fi novel in 2005, and have written over 100 articles for the Examiner. I also write for Technically Philly, and have been published in various magazines over the years. I am also a published screenwriter and ghost writer.

Music Producer

From the age of 3 I have been playing the violin and am classically trained. In the 1990's I was a world renown music producer and DJ. I still enjoy creating music or incorporating music in my videography projects.

Technology Expert

I started using computers in 1982 at the age of 6. I've been consulting and running tech companies since the 1990's. I am an expert at tech startups and am always ahead of the pack when it comes to new methodologies.