Hi there,
I am Jason Sherman

Entrepreneur Designer Filmmaker Creative Human

My journey began during the dot-com boom of the 90s when I started my own Technology Consulting company after graduating Delaware Valley University with a degree in Computer Information Systems Management. In 2015, Google flew me out to their Mountain View HQ to interview me for a Startup Program Management role. Shortly after, I wrote and published a book called Strap on your Boots to help startups and entrepreneurs and then was hired by University of Pennsylvania's Wharton school to create and teach a course called Startup Essentials for the Entrepreneurship Program. I then expanded this course for online use, and now offer it on Udemy. I've been the CEO-Cofounder for Instamour, a video discovery platform based out of Philadelphia since 2013. I'm also the COO-Cofounder of an on demand Healthcare platform, and the COO-Cofounder of a video entertainment platform as well. My historical documentary The King's Highway won "Best Feature Documentary" at the 2016 FirstGlance Film Festival and is now seen worldwide via LA based distributor Indie Films. I was a featured speaker on Xploration Earth 2050, an Emmy nominated TV show about the future on FOX and Hulu. As a contributor for Technically Philly, I write about the thriving Philadelphia tech scene with a focus on startups. I also write entrepreneurial articles about technology, startups, and the future on Lean Tech News. I speak at colleges and events while mentoring tech startups, college students and business owners on how to succeed using lean methodology. I created a How To Video Series hosted on Youtube partnered with ZoominTV. I am an FAA certified drone pilot, and run VideoDroneMe which is the aerial cinematography subdivision of Delphia Entertainment, my award winning film production company. Lastly, I'm a cryptocurrency advocate, and I believe in the future of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and a decentralized Internet.

If you have an idea you'd like to pitch to me, you can do so here.

My past achievements include receiving the Preservation Education Award at the 2018 Preservation Achievement Awards Ceremony. House Resolution 974 was passed in Harrisburg by the House of Representatives and the Governor of Pennsylvania to name August 20th "King's Highway Day" in honor of my nonprofit. I also won the Audience Choice award at the 2011 New Hope Film Festival for my independent film which is now distributed globally. I'm also a classically trained violinist and was an established music producer in the late 90's. I wrote a drama screenplay called Woodchuck Charlie, a historical-war-drama screenplay called Whitemarsh and a romantic-comedy screenplay called Gender Bender and am seeking representation for all three. I've traveled the world extensively and have started over 10 companies since 1996 with a successful exit of my brick & mortar franchise in 2012. In 1987 I played the violin on stage at the Academy of Music with Liza Minnelli. I love culture, languages, cooking, film, music, art, and my Shih Tzu Wolfgang. I'm an experienced graphic designer and have created hundreds of unique designs for digital assets, websites and mobile apps along with developing the functionality to help bring them to life. Feel free to check out my portfolio here, tech resume here, writing resume here, and film resume here.